Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The White Rabbit Tats

To the Stats of Audienced Writes,
the people whom owe these are lights.

A top your shoulders you own a Head,
the brain in simple stole in fed,
a line of shite does not respite,
respect was taken in the years forsaken.

A ski boat, A truck, A tax return for suck,
the car that was sold for what?,
the bankruptcy claim for $83,000.00 to turn around and what??

First 3 up to no name grabs,
lost in the pots of what??

Sticky fingers that refuse to wash,
as you know another botched,
entire event sold as Lots,
to much in the painful spin.

To never say or even pay,
the afford is that you have a day,
to think the ponder of why it's May,
whilst I deliver the Male stray.

A curdling of what has been to silent,
the empties of accounts in violence,
the threats and the tendency to pry,
discovers that many have lied.

To the Card Room of Casino's prats,
gambling is a luxurious fact,
the time it takes to bet the track,
it quick to feat when it's in laps.

As the World turns to spin,
much like soap the wash is rimmed,
a Live and Open Site to breathe,
many listen to these seeds,
that I've never planted deeds.

The watering of the Horse you spooked,
the Bar in I did not want to,
the payback of the $14,000.00,
as to ensure that Zest would land.

Taking value to the Planned,
once the can of worms is scanned,
than to the bank you took a hand,
borrowed money and stated ran,
to my surprise I did no not,
what to do with this in spot.

Keeping the evidence is a safe,
remarking to the akin,
again I say know idea,
was to Courts with joint at send,
independently there was nothing that could be done,
accept the fact that he claimed with the same firing stun.

As you still hold to hatred of,
I spare time to deal with all,
as it hit I did not fall,
but as the saying goes you were the last ......

Ware House Brinking

Trout Pond Ladder Spawn In The Off Spring Taxing's Gone ~ Wilds Run In ......

This is a Notice to Collect,
in the debt owed to sum,
$80,000.00 is a fund,
to you're worth in viable land,
I state the elder said to stand.

As the story goes to ran,
along with your better half in planned,
drove to park outside the porch,
sat in the indifference of,
the locked door.

Immediacy was the Call,
indifference spoke told you fall,
not to come and sit the night,
threaten and make uptight.

I've been kind with waits from then,
on the bed of this well friend,
long in tooth wise in Marrow,
now he lies with his wife in die,
both did wish you came to sides.

Constant ask in questioned why,
the result a quiet bye,
in the After I thought of this,
wondered how or when to speak of disk,
the point of driven was driven hard,
as you know the persons shards.

In opportunity life grants us moments,
whereas grace has been in past,
so shall I be private last,
to not expect the ample trash,
rather to expose this spoken know.

To the counter I must go,
speaking frankly is blunt in row,
the sibling three did early foe,
a sibling two we both are so,
the only left is baby bro,
that would make this a tri-plex vote.

From the par I stride the Bar,
the stool so sat with what is prat,
told to be aware of sat,
the force of whom showed the boom,
with a low and very stead room.

Regard this message as delivered fact,
as I've been in the think,
the reel is tracked,
the conversation did not play record,
for I have values that will week implores.

To read would be not insane,
to do that is a treasure claimed,
to be the seat of what this does,
remember he said this is love.

Discretion Honks

As It Adds To Totals Dad The Barrow Has A Basic Fad

The spic of span in tangibly said,
the scrub is the Bush in bled,
a painting in the Mural Red,
the horror begets the charging tore.

To the Airport Ordered More,
destroy don't search just kill the for,
only a Captain of the gentleman sport,
would have stopped to save the store.

Gather Masses pray for sheds,
in the chemical you'll find the thread,
it's the common speech in bed,
burnt for offerings of gently said.

Since my Life is open Lead,
the Knight of Arms shall hug the dread,
for if he goes to the mattress,
at least will know the truth full leak.

The Pope does Hon sums the Tree,
in retirement the other bleeds,
the Dali Lama runs his breath,
around the World people speed.

Hurry harry to the tune,
for in the Kingdom of the Trued,
the Heirs are Upping to the Isle,
of the Man he is a Shroud.

Covet knot the Verse it's growth,
in the Nower works like Hearst,
taken for the strangely Wed,
and in the end it's Nero kept.

To play the Violin with Bow,
the rosen natures humans dead,
although the over is all but done,
the bones are useful to the throw.

The Wreath that settles Winner's Turf,
the platinum of the golden gurts,
can't play fare when it's perversed,
bye the Laws that now Blunts learnt.

Smoking signals to Indians Paint,
the War of Central spoke in sense,
to have worked for every cent,
the death becomes the life of sent.

Parts of Corners Four in Mirth,
the incense burns what's the purse,
to challenge Set with all but dirt,
would be the new and grounding first.

The Songs that Ring to Bombs in Red,
don't you know are you aware,
that nucleoli holds on with Cells,
the grammar of the math in stubbs. 

The Formalized Twitch

Upon the Day that is gone,
the always move before the done,
the amply written verb by noun,
this Pronouncement is just Now!!

Record the Value to the Measure Fords,
the Cars of Drive by Vets at War,
left for dead in Hospitals Wards,
the President says he's working on it, chore??

And you wonder why the Thor,
the Hammer nails in the Hand,
thrusting sexual vibrations spanned,
across the Nation of People land,
the 59th Shade of yet it planned.

To the Secret of No More,
the Bohemian strikes the Core,
says it's Men of spits the bore,
the taught of known is it's what's for.

Jest to Game of Bored it's Witches,
thus I say I know have met,
'round the World the Country fed,
now the liberty striking shed.

Testify to an Exist,
I don't practice I was list,
I said NO I will not test,
for the power is in the Vest,
of the Man I know knot yet!!

Counter belly so fed kept,
each of Circled I stuck my gut,
my throat is varied as I don't suck,
down exhaust to pipe the fuck.

To the Sharks that Set the Net,
Australia is the next Hosts blest,
so as you spoke and turned bright red,
I just state that it's been Lead.

I Came Undefiled The Trumps Of A Slow Boat To China Styled

So slam that Door to open shores,
that think this might is light,
in trued it's not the thunder strike,
it's stricter than the Rites of Trites!!

Grounds of no appeal,
just bury the blackened site,
first it's you in blasting threw,
than it's me the little shrew,
thirdly it is World War Four!!

Call you're Tenant Leased by other Countries that Hold to appease,
the bill you never pay.

For in the Day of the Dawn the Moon is Red and the Born is gone,
to out the press of national kept,
the secret is the lest in met.

So as I have posted Articles that state,
should you .....than you.... 
exportation's of the coup will be the outing of the Blue,
for this horror of welting bruised,
the Service is the Slaves abuse.

The Death Of Many Others Older, Wiser And Whom Loved


To stop the sake will be the break,
for in the Letter of never state,
the Lawyers will despair!!

For as this steel holds to real,
believe is proof it comes from do,
the Court Room of the Net venued.

Standing up to support erupts,
that speech is not so freely met,
as the Constitution sets,
a brand new gear for me.

Proper learns at each a churn,
the louds in the evidential burns,
so each a part in this is lark,
but the Government has an interrupt,
I Hear it from the Steeps.

Much like a Landing in or for,
the Planes of even fuel to bore,
the stomach growls I loose some wait,
to speeds developed by the lake,
a pond of ill-reputations take.

So gloat upon the Wills of strong,
magic has it's ways to song,
the whaling of the bird is tweet,
chirping all the Mooring Bogs,
to open-up and see the Law,
that bends to deliver the bruises sents.

Gather knot the able trot,
to rise I say it's galloping lots,
to halt at X would be the wrest,
of nothing less to sand the plot.

As to mention the Olds extension,
my doctor told me sold,
that the elder community must purchase,
the Cat Food that PetSmart sells,
just to feed themselves.

Starving in a Country proud,
of the Human Rights so doubt,
'cause the reality is this pound,
we die of starvation in lonely visible Nation.

Sew you fly over Seas to sprees,
that dictate and never lead,
don't do, don't say, don't tell on any give it's play,
the Monopoly of the Peace,
is just the treaty of know released.

Blood Lettings Happen Here

So as I speak the seat gets hot the Federal Government strikes the spot,
upping rent to over spent the 30% was lifted Lent,
now to the day of this pay the mail in the trend does say,
that the Social Security Administration will now increase it's take,
to pay the child support that I owe don't really mind although it's shine,
to the years I paid behind that I can't prove 'cause Bank Notes move,
the evidence to the trash bin shred.

As much has taken from this burn belongings sold and files learned,
the perfect fuck to put me rucked in the streets of skinned,
so now it goes from 50 bucks to 150 spin to $483.60 done,
without a Cause or a Declare of reasons for the jumps in dare.

Without a Notice to how it's shown,
the empty is the check of stone,
to knock me from my Bayside Home.

The crafty Pledge of this Blog has now just hit the aptitude,
the Nation of the blasting ludes does show their Cards as grown.

To speak is to be alive and to talk is to say,
that anything on any day can happen with bad News,
the truth ENOUNCED does take the Toll,
not so funny but I'll be trolled,
to separate the body hole from perform the actions dumb,
the Apple from the Eyeing strums.

So as you think I do believe the payment is not me,
for I paid in so heavily that children still do See,
the check of balance is to ride high with a chinned approach,
the factor of the Lies encroach upon the very deed.

So to kill would be the Still and Cloning is a read,
not quite finished as the lacquered are dancing and it's fee,
to total bother but who will care 'cause I just aughtered by over stared.

Should the same interest had such a claim,
than this would not be quite the same,
for to pay once is the price,
but to pay twice is simply dice.

Hold The Rail As The Cruise Ship Shifts ~ Side to Side it is the Tides of How the Broader Lends

The crupper lettered the speed of this will fear,
the horse so fast it's off the track and looks to instill beer,
the jeers provide the lathered hide of coat to glisten look,
the Tail is not the Dock it's all with in the near!!

The dirt of track is sped exact,
the gates pop open wrong,
the number of the field is the riders are all bonged,
a similar same to a long but catch the side of song,
the opened stride is not the in,
it's Out and in the Steer.

Drugged all wrong the cuts our Sarong's,
the Phar Lap dose it's clear,
wipe the fed to over lead and jealousy is pier.

To jock that goes and knows the load,
the helmet shorts are view,
to the distant line of stream,
the steady in the veer.

A heading showed that it is love that throws the set to be,
in such said the spoke is read,
the warn is often Kier!!

To handle contact with the bit a conversational be,
the reins in guidance prefer to left & straight is saw as X,
the halt above with wings that Kay,
say let the beast know best,
for if the rest don't trust the vest,
than curses will did judge.

Payed off now the bank accounts did grow to fast with cats,
the clause of signed in represent is Tolling bells of death as Writ,
the Stonehenge moved to brickings 'til,
the threat removes the challenging.

Truth shant rule unless the Mind does tell the Brain it slaps behind,
much like a Crop that hits to stealth,
the cruise is faster with the belt,
all within the skulling fright,
experience is tears of done,
not happened in such years.

How does these brings with sordid stings no the bee of stung,
the latter of the Movie played,
it just relies on lucky bucks,
it is the kicking spear.

To the finish line stripped of pride the nose is spread to breathe the bowl,
a smell that drives the oxified that the air now is,
only sense to the creature that can not not breath like me,
the whisper of the keeper shied,
to announce the blast of died,
the wind beneath the rings.

Taylor Made Bloats

Ketchup, Mustard, Humans bring the Buns,
in the grade of graduate made I spoke the real,
a wheeling of burning rubber,
cuts these clearly from the begin it's happening.

Trudge the Knowledge to the after be,
the Tree of Been speaks to each and every hymn,
the tune is the whistling,
no matter condition the flute does pin the brain,
it is the dependent of the theme.

Conditions Merit a Calling to the Send,
the bowling of the pitcher brie,
a cambozola butter to cheese,
the grease is the oil of the nectar in the sweets.

Tablets served the Menu Course,
three chumps up to spun in sup,
settings deserve the chancing pot,
while you fare the boils water hot.

The turbulence amongst the brought,
is not the rising trot,
for in a test of the Zest,
he looked always in Wrought.

Balance the global scene to the horse arena,
four horses fence to jumping reams,
the Standards hold the Cups that bring,
with splendor of or by design this Trainer that I knew,
built the structures that I went,
to Olympic Sport I love.

To the Tack Store of a skill,
the hallows of the deep in played,
the mirror of what will be no shame,
just the show of ready pave.

Heave the Trucks to drive the clears,
follow them on Freeways dears,
protection from the bill,
for an emergency broadcast system is the broth of SPO!!

Know big gear mechanics steer to the Woods of seat and grow,
ridden many times on roads the country side of cheer.

Planted rows of daffodils pick and you shall catch,
the attention of whom don't know,
just the threat like flag and debt.

The Alamo to Flower Farm of over hill and Dale,
like a roller coaster ride the trail is the hiding nigh,
leads you straight pass the steads that Men did speak and Stallions steed,
the Mule named Satan taught me sum,
it all remains to be seen,
it is the Ayes of Man!!

Hobble drifters you will die the tracking of the Trains are high,
to dams that built with towns that lilt,
the heard inhabits mere to dope,
the park garage a sample of,
the stone in carve of matched,
it overlooks but doesn't smutch the workings of the Year.

Electric moves the water behooved spoke to me last night,
it said to say the waters red in dye of glass of wine,
the greenish bottle that corks the screw will cause this to explode,
in the midst of heavy loads the carry is the goods,
without the Flow the bridge collapse will be not her but me.

The speak of which this girls types was built with Minds of Men,
in a Depression Nation lies as the repeat is Live,
to force the Man to repay can is not a Voluntary loan,
the dues collect of weight to brain makes every step a bone.

The concrete blocks from the pours do hear the footings pore,
to breathe the settle the cure is dues,
do not burr the Lear!!  

The Corner Store At 10th And Capri Tends To The Borrowing Chord Shrikes

The Cork to Screw top Cap,
the bottle to the Can opener spook,
the tap is the beer of do,
Martinelli wined the truth,
the arsenic in the shrew.

Neat to the bread box Can,
the loaves of lines in baskets stands,
the butter to the frig of land,
the Milk of dare to Cow that span,
the bitter of the honey ran.

The stinging Bee with pins that prick,
the poison under sinks in brands,
the scoffer in the sponge of hand,
a capable to lettuce sand.

The fertilizer manure strands,
the cellular to tar,
the Oil in the Olive jar,
the jelly to the peanut bar,
a Milk Way of Candyland,
I did not play Clue.

The deck of twenty - one no dare,
the flip of coin to ferry men,
the boats in ships that barges span,
the drill between the teeth.

The tomatoes in fresh fruit gel,
a cottage to a cheesy whiz,
the pickle to the brain as scan,
the eats of ate at speed.

The Vodka in the tina glass,
umbrella stuck for upper mast,
the play of toys just keeps the brash,
from shields in the obvious.

The register that pays for bags,
the paper now is plastic tagged,
the barcode on the every last,
the media is sneered.

A magazine in racking spear,
the destiny of each a near,
photographs that show low traps,
the fair is know the gear.

Quick to shift in faster verse,
the gift of plenty in the deed,
it is the every of the ware,
that dens the caves for shall we blare!!

Jerk the beef to human beings,
the rates of the consume,
production of the people clears,
the way for any wild tonnes.

Twist the facts in yes it has,
put place to power strings of laughed,
the pint of gallons metered wrath,
the evidence is in the path,
the road to pave with granite smashed,
the pearl of the sea,
is not the Tuna but the breed.

Deli Counters with Cake and seeds,
that ice the chocolate creams,
the whipping of the battering,
is tasty why the come??

Jeopardy of gaming rife,
the throw-up in the vomit bite,
the pale of the systems tights,
I see this is the cheer,
barking coffin nailing of barrels in the vat,
this state of seafood to the chef,
it's like the life for life a pea.

Frozen spinach vegetables,
the icy in the coke of soda brinks,
the shake-up sets the spray to be,
the pulling back of dog tags lead,
the grind to grits of tease to please,
a car to trains caboose the tree.

Cauterized Brewings

How many must on See before the issue dares,
to speak not teak the Manzanita steeps,
where Parrots say that beaks are made,
from bits of nails and kiers.

The planted virtue is often dismay,
the growth of natural is hardened play,
the Hyacinth a bird of kay,
flights in flocking mass display.

Credit the appetite or sharpening thereof,
upon the branch of tree side blood,
not broken in such use tough love,
the copyright must simply be,
the grant to deed successfully.

The squawk of public imitate,
the Crow can also do,
proven not by who is hoot,
but by the kid and brother blue,
Ed vs Tam!!

In equal opposite of every spanned,
the common ground I sighted stands,
was the home of grandparents throne,
in Oregon State of Trees.

Now as you do not even no,
this family has had it's weirdly times,
announced in odd or drops of trod,
'cause I'm the third one out!!

Now as the Middle of the Pack does Preach,
I state to them that peered,
two above in two below,
the ganging-Up was clear!!

Hence why consider sty much to the needle my,
the eye of the beholder speech,
to look and to ever read,
your pupil of the leaky breed.

Now thoroughbreds I know we be,
related to the troubled bleed,
however within the veins of trees,
my older brother spoke of ski,
blood is thicker than water,
whatever that Means!!

Conciliatory Bees

To ponder this saying Me, Myself and I,
me at Home, my Self can travel and I does thrust the stanzaed stream.

Is it, could it seam this Stitch, in Time, saves Nine, Eleven primes,
to add a knot subtract,
with divide minus the prat.

the three in One equals lung,
the rhyme in dime,
to be the set at zero spine.

The spin of gear is free to know,
that numbers sit to represent,
symbolism is a sent,
to whom shalt listen steer.

The amply of the tips to worth,
the Knight to ride the Rogue in girth,
to make the reason wise in growth,
a tremendous come to every whole,
the Man to Leader pulling stows,
creating no rift by this introductive live.

To explain the split is same but difference is I know the show,
therefore aware and working spare,
to See across the great in loss,
making signals to signs that cross,
the X up in the Sky of doss.

Heeling to the three in two delivers one in all,
yet I do hash the tag I stash,
the set@zero call.

With fulled to brim the coffee sprawls to keep the real from the fall,
the timing of release above,
creates these questions of answered suds.

Fragile life has walked now thrice,
to See is the extreme of deed,
that perform in ordered breathe.

That be honest to what is past,
the hood, the torturous path.

Upon each trauma as I do math the Ad to picture said,
makes quick the Mind to spoke the Spine,
of Tree, the Rib, the Rack,
a cross to timber the lumbering limbered,
the Being in all Ways stands.

Quests at Central the Station Mortal,
the blood to veins in muscle sames,
by dance in digital view.

In ask the answer and draw the air,
the thoughts are speedy too,
calculations with a due.

As Einstein wrote a relative toke,
received with inspirational note,
by contact of the pen to stoke,
the lead did prove the documents wrote.

As Science clevers these hinges ever,
does Society consider the split poste heather,
to not be cuts or killed for sucks but just a tip,
to future Writ!!

Inasmuch names can touch the obvious of done,
as the Pope does inhabit these are strange weird sums.

I ask again for basis of,
the separation of birth to sub,
why take another's trudge by namesake not flu You.

As if to think that through such lens,
the skate of temptations from passing sensations,
will produce the surreal thing to spoof,
example of is grossing tubs,
Einsteins Brain was cut by dubbed.

Some thirty-years did pass with swish,
inside a pickle jar afar,
how sick he must have been,
the motion of such akin.

After shock or horror of act,
it presented opportunity to stack,
the slices in a dry freeze grid,
to motive how this thinking comes,
to stare, to touch and carve his drum.

Beat to the Tower of Feats,
the bones which lie beneath are treats?,
that are dug or stood for tugs,
to scenes that provide a Long?

Is this why the people cry and have lost this Inner Eye I speak?,
does this energy which all afford,
emit in different came saddles core,
to bridle up the virtue sup and not to eat the dinner of?