Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In The Nectar Of Nape To Have Scene Different Fate

I state; Implicities' Rome,
The Catholic Church has wronged their Vow,
upon the dismissive value of the retired.

To question an Act of Sovereign with remiss,
measures correctly the emptiness of the chaliced Keepers replace,
know value to worth in a man of dedicated solution,
through Announcement of revolution.

In silence of audibly shown,
the reverence thrown to isolation,
behind Walls and Panes,
shall no Mass speak to consider his claim.

Stripped of the Decadence that such Stature required,
I shout as a private choir to Score the orchestra,
the leadership of determining,
not an end rather absolution.

Credit the Barrow to well shot Arrow,
so Thor with his Hammer,
the Tree of Knowledge with it's Apple,
the Dagger of the Feudal,
the Mount to the Cross,
the Walk to the Australian,
the Painted Horse to the White Buffalo,
the Fire to the Flame,
the Life Preordained.

The spur to challenge this decide of Deep,
I could only propose the weight of such a Keep,
the foundation built to quiet speech,
the monk in the Mountain of the Himalayan reach.

Great be the deed that brings thought to it's breeze,
character to it's temper,
judgement to the Land,
and sealed a Patent to the real.

Hard did the Horns blow upon this Subject of provide,
the telling of the caption to Laws in a pry,
the dignity to not sway in the fry of the cast,
before it was after in the ample of dash.

Quickly to the Chapel the Mass is aghast,
No leader, No Speaker, No Piece Mouth to Neat,
white smoke, black smoke, no smoke would have been,
the best kind of loyalty to a man in a den.

Know the Compare is the limit of My Life,
chord the Note in the factor of strived,
to have replaced the Master with body that spills,
the guts will be poured in the duty of love.

With actual event not made of a Tale,
I will exact the hit on the Nail,
the blast of the symphonic in linguistics I square,
the blocks will be built to a pyramid lair.

The decide to the Quest of difference in Stead,
changed nothing accept the seat of the fed,
lacking the face the faith so did red,
angry were customers in the day of the dead.

I stand to the common known that was worn,
a Ring for the Fashion to only adorn,
in the horror of removal I screamed in this deed,
you took from him what was engraving the tree.

To attempt no rage I slow my breath,
the key strokes are angry as I feel the need,
to example the betterment of what he did not seed,
into your Minds he was kind,
I say Stupidity!!

In no exit of life mere contemplative sight,
to withdraw the formalities to seek pieces rites,
the people of Mass lead to no Priest that stood,
to say "Close the shutter's to shut the Doors"
it's time for a brake.

The Guard whom employs the Page to be Stay,
in polite of the position,
protection would have preyed,
to safe the goods from raids of the sheep,
as History has proven the Graves are the Reaps.

Inasmuch said the brothers still fight,
with sisters that are pissed they have no same rites,
to have negated these stupors of silly uptights,
a walk about the Earth would have ironed those lights.

With nothing more than the Collar worn,
a sack-cloth a bite,
out to the World to walk it like Knight,
around in a journey much learning be had,
in past of their history the donkey did glad.

Sticking to practice of poverty to strength,
no automotive to sense that there times for a fence,
understanding the effort is to meet face to face,
shake hands and to see eyes not in disgraced.

To be of the populous an obvious case,
to spend the nights on streets or invites,
the private of homes in the various zones,
from top to the bottom the class is the tone.

Know relative sandal to boots made of candle,
the conversation is the grip to the handle,
experience the every for All can offer,
the smile of redemptive actions of doves.

In wisdom of reason the left would behave,
for in the production his prayer could have saved,
by quiet repose the actionable pose,
the Stature of Star is how I propose the Man he'd just Know.


The Rings of Destiny the Triad,
thrown the Spear to see it do,
the whiz of a weapons gear,
zero tipped.

Claws shredded my life,
while alive and speaking with dignified voiced,
create thou a thought to foremost in taught,
the League of Student in walk.

Through the Tunnel of Debt,
the skipping I'll never forget,
only one hand held in the most of set,
it was my Mother at anxious fret,
a child was I by her side,
and now I state RIDE!!

Not to the Stars they've loss in Mind,
know steady decay is the cost of plays,
shall the week have come an bygone done,
than what shall be shall be a lung.

Pierce this stip to old past lip,
the favor for a terrible RIP,
the constant worn exhausts the form,
to breath without the supportive crossed.

The Kiss of Death Received in life,
the parallels uncanny to any pipe,
smoked for clap,
landed slapped,
the bitter of the sweetest lapped,
the Milky Way must be a Raging Shay.

Thru the Streets the Carry-All,
backed to stripped it in to Baul,
housed to forced isolative squall,
the Ocean of the Readied Maul.

No Doubt Saw Spot-ON

The Cost of Dissolution becomes A Tared State,
frequent to the Worlds View in absolute Last,
equaling the dredge to lake,
the Valleys Mountain,
a Tree Scape.

Amongst the lather of a Yielded wait,
the Froth of Heed told of an inescapable Roll,
beak to Feather,
Creed to doctrine,
scribe fore Score,
the audiences of Counted bee Four!!

Wood in Toggled,
broke did cobble,
the Spear of Lancing,
the Line in Circle flowed,
with Infinity as the Mold.

Break it Full,
Casted Lull,
the Net of the Phisher without a Cold,
released the breadth entolling sketch,
'That's one small step for Man, One giant leap for Mankind'
the answer in the silence of spet.

Charged with Life itself,
my bare feet no longer bolt cleats
rip off the spacial indifference,
the formal guild is a real skill,
identified at Two.

A junc at X,
marked the spot,
no questions asked in left as trash,
the clean-up made in obvious to passed.

Go forth my Common Friend of lost,
the See is yours to Be exist,
support rapports the best equipped,
it will be the truth of the strongest whip.

Droves that represent the Fry,
no wait here examples lie,
deep down in deadly sighs,
this Country spurned Tesla with purposeful ignore,
and upon his death tore his squalor,
took and takes still at rates,
that would have made him able to just exist.

Oh but for the Might of the Dollar spite,
Einstein had his brain cut from his skull,
stuck in a Pickle jar for years it did pulp.

Painters, Poets, Writers, Sculptures gone,
the trace of what was meant so long,
killed before the time or year,
all so World could take the gear.

Know comparison to learned by wrecked,
I wrote letters to a CD kept,
no profit shown to aid the grown,
Platinum Great!!,
my Family is Roam.

In lecture upon write in viable Knight,
idea not hatched it cracked with site,
one day this, the next that, then it showed it had a brack.

Explanations I leave to the Wolves,
they howl to Coyotes on the Hills of this bold,
banana slugs, possums, raccoons do speak,
down with the arrow up with the neat.

Hard Knocks Twice Walked

Hard Headed Rebellious Their You're

Know Madder Age Is Growth of Lays,
the broad of use is the cutting tooth,
the sabered of the levied lie,
truth to dope the ever shy,
to crop the mowed of field pied.

Skillin' spottin' Wroughtiron scurred,
skip two the beat of only dure,
the volley of the Pong is a Pinging churred,
a kit in the school of natural learned,
board games dice it is the triced.

Battery not excluded lot,
the energy be bops to the hippy hot spot,
mental engaged to simple in spoof,
watch the smiley it's acid poof,
a Quartered Scene did say,
Mt Tam fell into the Bay that day.

I say to Man who was not on Moon,
do I, am I, should I, stooge?

Stare to stair it was care,
looking back he warned the track,
to promise that I'd due no lack,
he spoke to say that road was knacked.

Naught, Naught,
who is skew? Period coup!!,
know not you.

Out The Ignite The Bonfire Fights

Panes window a framing to dye,
the color of which is now removed from decide,
the Cross-Country trip of know Guy,
made choice a decision that knot all ride!!

Counter Measure to the Indigenous leisure,
of the proverbs spoken 'round open-fire,
flames lapping air in waves,
it is and will be footsteps laid,
not in ~ already!!

No good will be from now you bleed,
wounded keep the dungeons deep,
with inn the mind's residing kind,
the ample to the proven do,
is More to Glacier Thawing biltche.

The drip in the middle thaws,
runs to spinal fluid maws,
the brain in never used is paused,
to skill the better scoot,
for in descript of only sipped,
I say in plain that women drain,
and drink the male came.

Loaded lives that only strive,
to suck the formal for the drive,
no return for these deep burns,
the synapse breaks the connection takes,
and lolly pops are in the brake.

Sadly seen the compromise,
it is the brain of nower cried,
the devise called Muse in lie,
certainly now can deny,
for like the Glass it is a blast,
until the do is debted brass,
inside the empty used up Mask.

No burble to hear the see,
an evident shame to bleeding vain,
the work of speech is read defamed,
but each does amplify this steady dame,
I support the Man afar,
be wise I am for all Mens Lives,
no gendered disguise through open by's,
unless the captor switched before,
and accepted each as other nors.

With and In the Whites of the Eyes,
the Tell is ....

knot Lie!!

The Birding With Buffaloes Know % Know On The Range

People in a countless number in the United States of America,
drive in Cars their home on wheels,
must keep moving on,
while others must walk all day,
while Shelters Closed from
9 a.m. thru 8 p.m.,
at clocks that cheat time.

No place to sit or park the car,
'cause Cops Police the every deed,
pushing literal to go.

As just the other day I swayed,
to watch the Walkers 'round the Streets,
no rest can be found,
in Towns that hate yet still do take,
for money buys the Cell.

The Questions these People must be asked,
"Get UP, get going, you piece of Trash."

No liquor store or past to shore,
the bum had better blues,
road the Trains to sit the tame,
a wild time to breeze.

Hobo's road trades rode the Freight,
across the Country in the case,
of the Great Depression,
know hopping on to sing a song,
great Men came from these heavy longs.

To offer shelter to be thrown out,
to be told to get a job,
settle down stop the mob.

The freeway of the path of life,
lead many to appreciate strife,
not for the loaded way of nights,
but in the pass of the tough road luck.

All this money spent today,
on trips to Mars or digging excavate,
on paying Congress to contemplate,
as they do take their vacate's for the rest they do not serve.

The Judge, the Jury, the One Sided slip,
Nasa, War, Cold or Not,
now Declare is espionage dares.

We go to places to report the cases,
no Humanity, no Human Rights, no Education,
it's alright,
we just send are Arm Dealer's friends,
to kill and maim based on same,
agenda never spite.

At ends to none it is be strung,
a bi-way to the seg-way done.

Decades old support is told,
than hanging showed the Utube door,
first the give, second the take,
third the death at which is day.

Confusion teams this Country means,
monies News weapons dues,
attention brought to every leud,
the books that charge for lectures lard,
than smile you're on Candid Camera far.

Than Up and Rising the Theories riding,
pointing fingers blaming games,
hip, hop, floppy, scotch,
the Ice until the Rocks do Top.

So far gone the random long,
fallen or just treated wrong,
a life like mine is no sweet song,
falling down is an easy throng.

Get the Feat to under Neat,
the pick-up with no hand to meet,
financials household goods been sold,
not by me the steal was treed.

Public stamps you a bad seed,
scoffs at you while you can't breath,
judges droves in buried loads,
the disgust is the palatable.

The Catholic Church which Reigns in lurch,
the Non-Profits support themselves so well,
these tools of trades the Pope parades,
so phat and well with what.

A Corporation in America,
a private business in Brazil,
an Over Seas drilling lead,
the Island that the Monarchs deed,
examples Centuries of bettering.

All while the Catholics condone in back turning,
the Seat has Ancient facts,
the money saved to know you're Cave,
is buried in the verse of Save.

The other begins to start a Cause,
the by-laws, the extra's, the this, the that,
in the end it's Feds that back,
bail outs are in who's track?

To hear the Christians banter of,
the Presidents Signature Pact of dat,
the Times when difference hanged for treason,
slaves were legal the Law appealed,
took years to extract that.

A Civil War seems Eminent.

The Moon Of Deed Released Now It Is Just-Me

Wilds are the words of meet,
all but said in escape,
the 'No's' of Feat ignored the Keep,
a vibe kept close for in the most,
a practice of the Ordered dove,
took flight in single tight.

Sensual deductions to erotic eruptions,
their copy cat mentality arrives so late mortality,
could never hold the hand of fate,
as destined spake unwinds to dates,
so pleasure will know itself,
in days to months years of pumped,
the empty to the fullest rump.

No push to Pole he is over stole,
the bitter truth he tried.

Know dry eyes for soul is tied,
to Mother not to Horror.

The heart I had that gave a fad,
for first time known,
emotional tone,
the sound of the Mono-bone.

Hardened sense the leg must whence,
for many Men do ride this tense,
the fodder that is no repents,
eats the loins of reckon pence,
a dollar deeded seat.

Saddled to the Art of Origin,
B.D.S.M. has the Door,
cross to threshold,
nails to whip,
ropes to chains,
wood to boards,
the growth is much the same.

Lastly it is the girl in me,
the one whom did stop Five at lead,
the age that I became a read,
to every aughted liberty,
the blind fold says it so.

Bring the piling to harvest the spoke,
than commonality will know it's lope,
and Race I do do Well.

At gift of speed in speak of read,
the worth begets the whoa.

The tip to chesting a bind to sexing,
the blow of jobs to only knob,
the satisfaction left to stream,
with each involved the liquid laws,
of energy I see.

Draining to your knees from spilt,
yet never know release,
the bitter chapter of horrid laughter,
behind the back of whom exact,
would never leave the beveled skill,
to Moon the Scape of sat.