Monday, January 27, 2014

Blown Away!!

A frightening moment,
woke a dead memory,
the shock of my terror,
made real by there,
exposure of:

Disbelief Rumbled

The steady eye,
no one could see,
years of deed,
silenced by need.

Danger inhabits,
brings sight to darkness,
the knowledge of,
delivered shock not love.

Reality hoped that what was,
was not,
that memories served only to taunt.

this Scene of such Fright,
made life only might!!

My thought too balk,
made real by talk,
the spill of this news,
frozen in walk.

No stranger, disgust,
this person did must,
as if to relive,
these days of such lust.

As denial walked-in,
the place of such when,
showed that this been,
 simply happening again?


As the 'Witness'
not I,
their testify of 'Why'
I bore only truth,
to be heard knot uncouth.

Kept it Simple,
in summed,
 the mere years, I was young.

In the instant of sheered,
I spoke did?
the answer was mid,
sentence of lived!!

Patience in-made,
a practiced displayed,
as vocal tone bled,
I shook only head.

Belief of what was,
said in such shove,
created this dead?,
blown away.

A volatile turn, 
too realize days,
 that their witness is bare,
surprising knot rare.