Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Jawn Batch Lure Shows His Store Read!!!!!

Imagine Evolution on Earth as the Computer Hacker's are in their Full-time Cryer,
the fact that the component is reaping the Goods to now the Business Accounts,
in how much sew is the basic of back to the computer context understood to be the Brain,
what wipe on the char would volume once again to the sigh kick.

Is this a upon the Story,
speaking of chirps to Toy lets pay per?,
does the dreadful bark or Tale?,
how shall the social denial of such reality cart to harp such gut strings.

Shirts to the String,
is thwart a reactor?,
does Industry travel?,
did the hour on the minute still to 60 seconds?

Dark are the irresponsible,
plain explodes,
cloud atlas as the capital of letter to letter reins deal with sharp,
notes to Greece,
blocks of cheese?,
whiskers and Humpty Dumpty as Alice in Wonderland.

As the Nursery Rhyme rinse to the Ring around the Rosy expels to say Jimmy Church,
the Anchor speak would gather what to reason of question,
so George Noory on KGO 810 AM Radio or Coast to Coast on this evenings Show!!!

When You Look Into The Ayes Of Lather Did It Only Say To Ewe Sweat??

I sleeve at the lane of roads and tracks to know,
the cross-country on the theme of simplicity ream,
it is the math on my mind,
it ad's to the vista of this world on the hem,
as the thread strings sew does the stitch,
it is a count tour of how this word reaches a silk Tale.

Taught sea as the ocean of Humanity fickle's what is Earth,
Milky Way on the galaxies Universe is that fathom!!

What is the Grip,
it is the sound of each lagoon,
the lake that is on the Ox,
as the setting tumble is of the grasp such is the Moon,
touch that to speak.

An Echo,
it is the tune that tunnels are the sought?,
what is then the sentence of wise written on ancient walls?,
the pain of Mankind dusts to shelves of Glacier,
as the slide shows it is the filling of cellular to organ at pump?,
animals on the long shore Men,
these are the teachers to I and that is the magic of early to day.

Suns branch across such beauty that solar rays special,
the places that make what is ground,
in that is the Homer of a Viking raised,
in respect to many on these canters it is the stride.

Heavy are the lost civilizations that moved to leaves,
individual Trees to deep description,
an ounce of water to salt,
as that is the beach on the fish to palm a coconut,
it is the milk of method on operation paper?,
to know of the view is it then just only an exit to Times range of letter?,
keeping the Fale!!

Beacon of Lighthouse on the aspect I seaside only a sands morsel,
in that grain of caliber I scratch nothing to understand comprehension,
gathering the libraries of more than the dusty trails I whale the tiers to ranches at the parked,
then as the Redwood sway I reserve only the message,
the breeze on the storm is that talk!!

Wisdom reasons to the diction air-Read,
therefrom the depth is on the Tahoe?,
spoken of a hub is treats,
now for the Teak I Jade!!!

Ferghana horses were one of China's earliest major imports, originating in an area in Central Asia.These horses, as depicted in Tang dynasty tomb figures in earthenware, ... Over 2,000 years ago two Chinese armies traveled 10,000 km to Ferghana to find 'Heavenly Horses', the finest mounts then known, apparently ..

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