Saturday, August 9, 2014

In A Blink

I am true to my Self in both body & Mind,
I do not Wish for that would mean a Star fall,
for this on wish I do not make,
in Trust I love the Sky in Bay, 
to know such dream in Creations lake,
evolution admires trace.

In certain Talls of view in day,
the vice so written the move shapes send,
the shade of Tree in hot of gave,
more than I could ever lay,
the speaking of a Stockings way.

Church the sight to special Wave,
in earth the burst of Energy saved,
by gracious stature in granite state,
guide thy say to midst in light,
the strong of Lend is published right.

Core Being within my reside,
standing knowing eyes don't lie,
caste thee ponder to the lead,
in thou wonder settle read,
to gather Wisdom Reason steep.

Too hards of learning Teacher keep,
chance the breadth to sparklers met,
fire Works in gentle be,
the worth of Man held more by Lean.

Stage ladder Moon in ski to sleep,
the value from a dressed to leap,
fountain penny sit the still,
the motion found in strides of soap,
water Wash the steady feed Coach.

Step the Scene to simple sings,
a shorter version of deed believe,
innocence encompass dues the spring,
coil I in gems of spline,
the Organ version of Hymns at Sea.

Deliver only Justly frame,
the origin of the words in sang,
ignite the Rite to craft of lend,
may the Voice speak the send,
with the Envelope of I have been,
 a loan to stream now The Streaker must be shown.

Stirrup Leather Strongs

The horn in the Mechanics of the gear have a Watch atop the housing of a shift per stop,
the calculation with the Tongue the clutch is held while inks the lung treating click said,
tuning Mile via roll the observance in the Lid a boot to trunk key lock turn Key Shoed.

The pick of stone on rivers bed grand the banks from Floods of Nature in her kept,
round the edge to drops of shed many certain rubs to shred the extract seen skip lead,
the smooth in textures the lure in Keen no waver once the eye has bring.

A quick stop break in trips found road the dirt in off brought Art to prop,
simplistic spent the beauty rare in the air it is a Lake,
two, three, four link Five the breadth of distance is the patience stair.

Too enjoy the release ink reminder to the Bowling quest,
polo Mallet bamboo taped next swinging be sworn the sight takes Vest,
treasures are the shells on Beach sand~dollars on the shimmy floored.

the moving pause in repeat no can't be it's a Counting beat beneath the Teak,
notch on leather buckle to Rein bridle on Source the amply of Horse,
to deep Main Frame the sight must learn to the Horizon of dawn in Fate.

Desk solid ride steeple Vein a sound still Watch the spook is real,
lumbering a gain for motion slows before the crash it defines to Tell,
grid work settle the left in right gentle hands are determined on.

Fillings shallow sunken gone a moments touch will vault the song,
the funny thing about riding read is the shock no anger tread,
sure the Rogue is Armor spread flings are often spilled for Font!!

When Dirt Barks

Turns to the steer the stark in the brew a skulling of real is the Head in the jeer,
trait to the empty a look to pass shank the disturb is for plenty lost at the fight,
no challenge for stopped as the rubber on feet burns on the blanks as the door keeps it feel,
no concern from dart stair the construction of done ask the believer the Innocence is bare.

Drive ways that bring sits to stoplights on halt a View to the surround is perfectly spake,
quit on the side of a shoulder that's played is the seat of a stir frame to settle the square,
as in the actual Kindness is shake a speak in the vocals of silenced by shade,
radio tunes as the Tower in baked cable the most in a measuring straight!!

The I in the bolster a pin point to stake deal the Nob Hills to a grown on the lake,
wall street to Journal a Herb in the cane typing the given in a place of it rakes,
broom the handle to a hammering space fork at the breeze paved the Hardware in Plate,
belt on a Tool shed nails form Paint in the taken for usage the outline is stayed.

Echoes to tunnels that move traffic both Caves beneath the before the store has a shore,
drive in with poke spear the Lights yield go Scores in the surreal leave Brains that do chore,
a mind in a Numbering sequence like Core speak with a loudness that gets to a snore,
churning the lane base is why barriers make on a bridge in the Movables removing is Cake!!

To the porch of a ski rail at the bottom of spill steep the Mountain does say snow is failing spread,
gravel on Rockbed the lift in the boom Summers to know Fall is the Season of soon,
in Winter the days crisp to hours that shrink in the Minute Timer of tick Talk the Big Ben is loud,
a bell in the Watch brands with lit in the found Wind that to Auto the shift is a stone.

Dial in to Bakers that flour the block with butter of Oil slip the gauge treats to spot,
the Primal of House in the City of Prime a slice of the Roast drips to pudding in sums,
the cup of the Croutons standing the bread creates in the Ambiance of just letting said.

The Day Pursed

The per dock of the Trunk in the Void is the bottom based at the branch Fern,
in the leaves of rolled-out the planted spring not the unraveling attaches brought stake,
ink the Idea of a Thought to the Ask it remainders at the string of start to the Pole North,
a chair in the hand files to the Cabinet versing the C.D. on the Album of the loom Spooned.

Track that variable to the Saucer of a Tea breaking scatter the girth is in the shade Tree,
lean on the stern to balance the sink the Wash has the seen to know the Work rest replied,
in cement to the brick pave puts the door on the Outside with the Combination still ring,
drive a Concourse via Train the sky High liberal to the Scrub in the Painters styling true Qued.

A stick in a sneaky peek tables the Loan as the balls roam to the Game Nine Called,
ink the 8th Note to a Scale the sheet turns to both the Source signature Piece playing,
trouble the Stand on the front to toe Tag the steer no it remains to be the finger attach nailed,
the elbow shores the shoulder in the Show of the Opera no it is Memory basing Mingled.

Spur the Audience in the Canned or the Cards that demand than the basis is the performance,
not in the staging rather the perfection of the remote plug to engage the Field of acceptance Commercial,
rinking the skate to the Prompt than the expression towards the breath state lulls the foot stern,
not actionable in trade the kernel ranks at know Pop for the jolly was a Tin Foil spank!!

Mechanical stump does star thus the equation remains not if or brought Fawn scooting donged,
the power of Entertainment is darting still for absolute in Approval although already had recognition,
now in the bounds of the leap workings are provisions of the Production to bride side the groom,
a raking.

The Boot Park Sting

Should I not say if than shall the Sea still be an Ocean Lead to the Orca in silent believe,
the base measure of Salt in the scene of a scratch pepper inks Spice on the under lauder,
treat the fish to Mammal Elephant as coffee Table the book upon the surface speaks.

Previous to picture the Shell made a lock in the open shut of a breathing spree to gem stoned,
succulent shaped a round by natures color in the broom filter to Pearl sludge of Wears strung,
the knotted Cycle of separation hangs in obvious lopped Nape from the Tree status confirmed.

Freeze the Valley to the bone scale tides ask notes of a Rock to bring size via an Is in Volcano hi,
the pour of release creates further reach in the Cools of a Stock hot to bubbling in atop Crater blew,
reply addressee rinks a Forge curting Sword thus a doubled edges linking sink to handle the Ibles' shield.

Stern are the Carp crowds that sheet the Charcoal of Life Itself charged fed bye the eaten store,
spread a steer of rolling locked to the filed of porous long hard gone stretch the Land Mains,
lurk fodder to the Salty Reef Styles live rock will Shed the scratch that Whales bake in the Froth lot.

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the float Marker on a string rifles the depth not really it's moreover the line connect through Eye crib,
break Waves know matter start are Anchored threw ability to side wall the current in the soup trough.

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the rose Waters system to the shoot Handler of the wheeling not approach house experience gear,
trouble Instruments the pull-up still boons as the Mechanic of the tug catch in the bay of desire crocked.

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albeit nature in the Turn Cake the either or brake in standing Stillness both Origin to A Tampering send.

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thee swim to afloat per board chalks a pebble on the Role of importance to the Deck of a burlings Red,
lumber in the use will swell on the Church however in the Craft canoe it is not suffer Flint burnt sperm.

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coil Rivers the guide to up roamed Map the Scene to memory feeling changed in returns the Bank bushings.

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add the product purse the Sky the Sun pockets Moon in a bring by ring rate The Shadowings exerts.