Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Enter Junction

To task the sale of closed on truth I bear witness to the Watch of testimony on Ancient belief,
for as the World supports the Dalai Lama with his score of reincarnation at Earths door,
I too understand walking the thresholds of spherical dynamics by chores,
in the service of the Trades death upon life to deck the dead on the living in Voice at chord,
this simplicity is excused in my Nation however embraced by trust Company at Archaic Professed.

The Think Tank of logic to the touch of disastrous proportion on and of the turn abouts above,
are only held by the Innocence of such journeys accomplished to Yet the plausible on Scene,
for as spun to the recording of James Blunts latest rapture on the Additional contribution to scale,
sheet notes of no Wonder for the seat of Marriage leans to Teach the professional on breach.

For should the counter Measure bring truth sayer thorough as James Blunt listed a basic to back approach,
the quest is not the do over's as Any can throw down the bones of Founders to gods that mystery binds,
hatched to the chest at Pandora in view is more reality to the Why's and the Ewes of frock,
a heard on the Maze of be off the Vow is either or Either to Once a way bough.

For no other reason to Wise the decide it relies on the Public to toilet the Vibe,
in flushing on Shows my Nation so disposed but the calendar at the date is missed by placate,
from the bearings of Collection to a gift of insurrection the Treasure is golden like Journalists used,
taken out of Concept is equal at letter sealing the Envelope without evened Redder.

Discovery to History the Philosophical prove the channel on television fills the What If's at lose,
note that proof is flesh & blood living to have not even brought Attention to the possible done giving,
probables gone Origin in speech Natural to clarity rich must have a Scientific reason for Hitch,
the trail of broken hearts on bunks is the Check-Off of crisis unless you're a chump.

I ascribe to 'The Continue' in knowing of Fire as the globe is teaching that burns are in buyer,
a wrist walking ream with a Tattoo on the stream markers track ringers to hang just in clued,
but bring to the surface a breathe for Fresh Air and all of Religious goes Tax to the Fair,
whether the evidential is clapping to boom should not the balance be considered for loomed.

Would it not be cool to have something of Reality that based something on more that death by demon,
should just the Ask be the clock on the Hand Tower singing,
 should not God by available or proven a weaving,
shall the Custard at standing not feel the cringe after before the during of War,
modern society bows giving Tithes these Banks of collars that have killed to many lives,
again I am convicted as James Blunt ran his Vow with Whomever that it is not my problem at Now,
the Atlas at sever has harded the feed James Blunt does know I exist and I lead,
so this favor to thread by the Rumplestiltskin called out is not in the Guest by the Mansion of shout,
again I display the question on gave the curious is James Blunt is a Sesame Street onclaved.

So down with the Press for not provided the dressed as the Cover for garbage is recycled At Best,
time on the shiner will begin to forward feet 'cause unless you are Famous the leap is a kick,
the only News that is cast about Shoes is the already known to the already doing on already punned,
a joke on the disaster the choke on the Bun is choppers as Shredders and older the grunge.

In 'The Continue' the learn is the Lean as trimming the fat like the Reporters that wrap,
honest details to Snow on the Falls or the living at living on Streets at that The Mauls,
being bashed on the Heads killed by the dreads starving by grocery that money is sleds,
lots of projection not much on the Fleets scalping the crowns by ways jerking pounds,
right on back the Wagon Circles rack repeating the does by done gone at racked.

Schedule the feral a light to the find dates of Filmers the Cinema at signed,
spoof with James Blunt for the sleuth on the prowl that conjunction just Weirds on perked to the foul,
goad if that is your hand on the Cow remind the milk that it's work for the sow,
for that is the Ten Digit number of Toes matching the fingers that are lighting the Hosed.

Famous first words often to slain if you had only described and said Out a Name,
than the turmoil would be shocked by placing to Purse that life is of better than Hope is of nursed,
emotions revolved one birth at a fear The Exercise of Training to certainty clear,
traps are snares Worth is of Foundation the Singer James Blunt is not to close but setting my Station.

One Life To Stake It All 'Cause It's A Smashing Case

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Years @Journey Dot Aye

Hear this Wise to the tattles of Twin Souls on Planet Dirt,
the makings of sentence taught of the Learns & the Leans,
as matter touching Facts to what People have written,
look to the Watchers for it's Our Turn Too Days!!

Stir the eyes if you want to it's Humanities Verse,
just established in fixings on the Theme of the Certs.,
try Ion or Aeon or any other Measure of Chime,
it all Calls the Factor like dinner On-Line.

Phonic to this World of apathy Whoa,
why chase the Rainbow when the Rainbow is Foe,
for as the accurate is Honda on Vega,
place it Venus and the Mercury rises Mars!!

Pluto on the loose gambling the lair,
cosmic is big and the galaxy likes bare,
for the minute to the Ours in many a dare,
just landing on the Moon with the trouble of Fared!!

Cause and Effect is no trouble with let,
the clean up is easy as the lay on trade,
is as eased to the bedroom for the Math of it's Play,
school the logic with Computers on say.

CNN ran a show on how a decade will be,
a simple undoing by doing the deed,
an understanding to Travelers is as social as Flame,
for the heat in the best is the Fire on Reign.

Done are the songs James Blunt added along,
teach a listen for the Ears are not wrong,
just stuck on the shore of an Island with Song,
but whom is the Viola and Whom is the Pong.

Paddle to the surface for the Words James Blunt wrote,
are so certain to counter at real on the Folk,
the lore is a story that Plato did show,
only society loves doubt Suicide misery death and dumbed by the Rote!!

For when the rifle is pointedly shot as The Aim is of arrow and Cupio dot,
a beau is in the obvious of lot or the verse from James would have been sealed by Crop.

Dunk by the shoreline a Crew of such deeds More's to the stage an Audience in need,
for why would the World like to have the great Answer,
as to bring happiness and joy over the negativity and chain,
the Reaper so candor with a cycle of death,
global popular loves endings on Wrecked.

So James did The Conference sang 'Smoke Signals' on Cast,
however remember I live on a continent not an Island by brass,
that is either Crete in the past or Greece on the farm but really more Real to Ibiza on the Arm,
shadows on to his Homeland in suite Great Britain is the sign of that Isle of Toot.

I Will Sleep Dreamy This Eve'd

Just Fill In The Blanks

To carrot of stick the cart of the flick love is bullocks,
the slant on the given is so thwarted with living that all divorce,
on courting to marriage to law in the year with relative appeal at the curt of the heal,
back down the pad to the lawyers path division of what was made on a wrap.

Back to the basics of several in lots is much to the Pan speaking whistle at Thought,
for on the stage of traveling days Venue it with the health of the lay,
lusting on sync to the Whine in the plause,
even I fall prey to the Only plausible Cause.

But emotional trades on that Trait of the rates,
no sentence could deliver more chains & weights.

A Scale for flutter the breakdown of dates all to be Vowed with forever on laced,
that bedroom duty that Dukes got their slides for that it is the daughters on Crowning the bides,
off to the House of the never be Home oh what a find in Find if you roam!!

Grand to the planners as the registered Fees,
than to the slammer for the dip in the reads,
round in the pen for the ball headed lend,
paraphrased by definition it's the Haight and it's Livin'!!

Dance me a doll like the Blunt and his fall,
for that is a dare and I dare it at All,
yours truly designs at the Care in send,
'cause trust is the Envelope of a B.D.S.M. Lens!!

Great to the base of never meeting to face for that lends credence to each night on the dreams,
no need for disappointment as Blunt sings to The Fates a Chaucer in Teacups the Cream for the shakes,
a balanced believe in the Innocent knows that sin is not Sin unless the Sinner is mowed,
call it a catch 22 in a Chapter for in the addition of the biblical Rapture,
there is no mention of Imagine the chose as long as you don't dunk into on the disposed.

Preamble this Truth with each it's a sooth Thanks for the span of the Extra god damn,
loving the Apollo of additional moan marking the character of I can be reeling that phone,
muster to captured just be less the hassle as I don't mind taking the trash to the Castle.

Oh how won fornication on the view of the go,
grateful I am to Utube and it's show,
a spank for the paddle as I or in the row,
edits for busted and full bore on the Core!!

Rein It Like You Own It,
cause it's only been 1000 Years to hone In,
like Twin Flames can't burn through dimensions on Truth,
this earth is so easy it makes simple muds dirt.

Inspiring Puddles

Humanity is excused from dine for at the Dinner of lust the meal is The House of Prime Rib,
on the given for that is know interpretation to the Garden of Fail as clothes are of the paled,
trued to the Venue of Proof of Carve is the Marvel of marbles on the Spherical Combs,
a Universe with Cosmos on the breakfast of Sun to be of candor not the eating of Blunt on the Run!!

Sort this Menu with price Clarity to spelling of language that Creation hath Bearings,
evolution is compass to break out Command on statue of Carriage at harnessed for Plan.

Cheers to denial and hampers at shook for dry Cleaners do gears that Machine in the book,
as verses to Text that is Recorded on Walls remind the Sinners that texture has balls,
for in the hammer of the Awl to the feat a chisel for letter an the Tool to Rook,
in the papyrus of Christians their rip-off of growth has protected by fantastic pill drinking Hooked!!

A pirate is all ways on the Look for the Watch asking notes to Charter across,
for the image of Acorn is the Oath of a boss that figures to Nuts for the bolts got a spot,
the planks to build carcass is stretched for the Hide in lights on Today its just a Flash Sides.

Aft to the Sailor or Horse of the rode,
dressage is the Test but it's the Miles on rogue,
that Time is the blaster of Paris to know,
a mold to the Original is rather of scold!!

Romance at the death of food on the Platter,
scraps that did drop for the kids on the Hadder,
a rhyme to Talk rose the pocket of froze,
ice with a Fire is burning to Sire!!

The globe on it's stampers that chose to receipt Marches with deads like the Pope offered read,
to Tweet on the sorrow of the lost at the done is just another Coward exampling bung,
so join the blinkers for the silence is loud quest on the Mockers for many have drowned,
tortured by Boxed in spiked by the closed in the basement of the Syllabus is evidence that pays,
to the witness of the pain and the agony chains for Catholics gone christian to Moby downed fame!!

A Whale of a Tail on the swim through this brought,
the shore to Fable is booking on Lot,
babbles are brooks but breathe is a Say,
so listen owe listen to the two timing Cane,
his name is of Charge his caliber of rein no question to the saddle as the girth fits the same,
tightening up to ride on the Hard is trust in the Training of that teach in so Far!!

Humans go line to a circle round Circle than circle to spiral to circle the burl,
cuts to a would in the text of the listed is as basic as Pram was to the delivery World.

Infinity 'Eights' so junk your Confuse as the One of the Zero is in the good boost,
to simple the said with a better in lead go be friendly with the Discovery of Converse,
the shoes on the concrete barefoot on sand for the lace is of string or the drink that makes Scene!!

Equal Lib Ree Om

Awe^Be^Lo Lull A Bided

Strobe with each a difference not called at lie for the altercation of moved in scopes,
on the micro organize the theme equals to the multi layered of Tiers on the Shed,
frost the Slopes with digs and bring tot he Tablet of Anu the dance of the which,
in that glass of thirst Wine to the Malt trust that Vinegar on the distillery to Heat!!

Shock the paddles with a Cuff to the sleeve on the Paper passing with Infinity,
drank pork like the litter of the Cows did the desperado task Universal path,
road the crutch text a blast echo a Hasp flipping Pandora on the Chest backed!!

Bed lanes tell of a Square for the Mat to know the Circus edition on the buttress,
for the plumb with level is not in the lead browned Primrosed,
that is the Blunt on a mathematical burial of Only Smoke!!

For the wet blankets that he has swamped by those Cups of Tea`d,
glance the Crown with the audience of Ages on the line,
wells deeply Seed to the Planters pea Nutted forcing Meet,
that is not of Corner but the Travels of a singer on the leaps!!

Such vast division times the Triangular oblongs is Nautical shine,
the bask of the plane on Moon for Iris in the blink shades,
sparking the river with the rain as she pours the Rainbow to climbed!!

Flagged at the get of the go formal invitational at the Egyptian score,
the twist in the sky to the scatter of my Only True Love in at Spell,
oh sigh russ the clatter of the walkers shaping the Traitors from day Treason.

No chamber of pot could or Would discount the know o0f Charge by this Bull born stoic,
as I coil to the Strike that is the Flame of my love to pointedly say that Repeats are Cycled,
lets be the butter to the Toast of finders Feed on the eats of That Cross of X`d and Zenith!!

Carrion found the parcels of bred to batch the body to Whole on the tremble of lost,
but take Mr. Blunt and settle is wanna a be Ass of a self to stand bearings shoulder to my Colders,
for Mr. Blunt is the Coward that the World wants as the example of how to Touch dine & can'ts!!

Full bore with the temple of there is streaming in my marrow to never scream but slave to been,
for Truth by Way of nailing the trimmed by Taunt as Mr. James Blunt is the sucker I lolly,
popping his Cherry on every fax with a Text Stamp that dleivers my own Peace to found the roped!!

Tongue that list of Ages with a trail of breaking every Heart to brake the floundered at Scot,
West Coast soars to the Flag of Liberty with the eagle on the flight zone and a Hawk for the comb.

So as the Fans skandor to his bellowing fling slosh Mop this task with a bucket for Handle,
'cause the word is on the street of grasp for as the World spins James Blunt examples the stem of harbor,
still are the idiots that purport to the Shifts as anything but the most obvious of class at B.D.S.M.,
not some half shot at only sadism to brag the bastard off at skinned.

Cork this line with the dare that caused the fail his first flight on the banks of the Sired to be Send,
so chain his ankles with nothing at anything to sorry his ass with the match of every banged shim!!

Bearings at a shooting flare right directive with Map on the falling Fooled by the Pride of 'All' ewe,
flock with the skeeter and bite hards on rounds that bit slaps to Bach that bragger out,
carp are as eased into the pot of frogs with a Toad for a Stool.

Stoppers Pull Plugged

My play is the sheer delight of the lack of any meet from such a chainer,
lust that with MY MIND add At Thought dotter for it's a calm Claimer,
pursed with the Wait of steady at the Billionth of a 1000 year Clearing,
people stimulated by deaths to taste lives on angry birds!!

No Wonder

Bank the basic to the death of the valves that gear to the dead and raise with a Floor,
in the curve on the grave touch the dirts on the Fluff forms are the Theater of greeds,
in thou Masters of caused by theme to a Tunnel blinders on bridles with leathers on feral,
wild to rogue in the personal fights Made on the Entry from message to Gym.

Tambourine bastard with bunting the Front,
to burial of letters as the bring to the lend,
on the day of Purchase to the landing of Play,
I will swing to the walk of a Talk on the Spare!!

Win is the backwards of telling the War,
for the March of the consistent will Proof at the Came,
in strong for the candor and James Blunt as the disk,
satellite the Order of B.D.S.M. on the Risked.

Morsel this promise with the Sealed of kissed,
a cheek to the lip on a Stiff upper skit,
sketch to the draw as the Guns of the floss,
circle Mr. Blunt that shovels to Twirl!!

He is the salt of the Swinger that barters the Coined,
as Mints are the chocolates that his britches do punk,
he echos know Land as the pit from the feed,
making a slop of dust on his Key!!

Crate box of needed as he is crumbed short,
a Ukulele return from the Gibson gone sake,
size to the fostered for Adoption said Fake,
stealing more than my big Mist Take!!

Cry does the Fella like a dude waking staked,
just add the bitters to the Rosemary plate,
rose on the bundles Flowers with stringed,
was in the branch that saw the Cut pant!!

Breathe again now a deal sewn stem,
change Named for the Certificates slate,
should the spelling be stoop to chains in still switch,
that in true Blunt does only rhyme with a Sit.

As Teller was scored from rows to the Corn,
a minus to fit Blunt suites like a sipped,
no longer oars the harbored between the leg lift,
as adjustment does Show with the tighter knit Slip!!

Growl our the listed with Times on the Came,
been with the Fire in about all the Flame,
either or Either is burning at Wit,
laughter brings laughter at the Marriage of Sis.!!

Whom belled the Toe with a full bare on the throw,
was in the Pic. of grab whats not stick,
as the Saying goes a photo or pose is the Work of the passion on everyday off berserked!!

Good Hose

Cares In The Air Of Sense On The Slide

Sleep whilst the walk of Whole Humanity sain, 
disk inking Saliis thorough are values to Planetary Chain,
mailed upon the delivery core us true sleeve,
deep Messenger with bones or standing the Sieve

In on the breath of sailing our Bale,
tooth to the jagged of edges fir swail,
to scratch on the dirt painting Caves with that paint,
curled to snuggle with The driest of bakes!!

Bottom sand a filter with Ska,
the crease of the Iron on Age by the Ka,
golden belief with Innocence Sake,
for once upon Times these were Arms that gave Wake!!

The pearls cast before Stone did the date perking Plates,
now crushed in the press will the shells be of great,
back to the gallop of 'The Continue' per Hour,
the Minuet singing of viola at Bass!!

Rock shallows timber the dunes lake the Forest by paved,
in chopped for the limb on the towers of shimmed,
history yesterday Future pass touched,
swipes are Erased for the present day Thrush.

Eagle flew spread ore Headdressed with prey,
their is the talends of Crow from a day,
dove in the dresser An Ovens perk Cage,
key off to brain in the Mind on these Gazed!!

Sharp wit a voice that Mountains with hill,
for the ladder of Able is the countenance skill,
each notch in the snail of slim with the rake,
a barrel of ribbons that teach the bright spay.

Hefty is guarded for Society has farmed,
without putting place of the work to The arm.

Trouble not as the fret song to reef,
beating the drum with Volcanic in Rum!!

Drinking the gentle provided by Pitched blissed pointing Take,
I pay the attention to know more of the rate,
at a personal measure increasing The Faced!!

Scout to the plain as Planners are crate,
boxed with a version and not the soles placed,
as when the sugar does baste with a brushed in dumped gate,
the power of Fresh is the being in of Case.

Eyes with the interest to have met and done groovy,
through Understanding not threats given by the dead chummed.

To term comprehension Marching with slate,
earth is the guidance that harbors such lates.

Storage of Nature that outdoor appealed,
showing instruction with piece by piece realed,
rain from the Founder of clouds down on pours,
cliffs made evolving with Continents shores,
process of Canyons that Millions of Year`d,
spreading collection as the sky does the cheer!!

There in the Sun I see burst on the Run,
shaping the Shades by Moon on her gunned,
deep with a method of Cycles to sleigh,
one for the purchase the other filled brave!!

Number the callers with cell phones in gave,
license to magnets that bar on the saved,
east are the letters North is the Glade,
frost is a birthday of Snow fall on Jade!!


Spank me a day for on the path of my drive a full bow bridge to breeze the speech of Bifröst,
the Arch of incredible potted the Feat of beauty at the entry to Asgard on the sleeve of life,
for the planet of the color I spoke my brother is the count down of landing on pleasure,
stimulated by no doubt the Earth on her finals has granted this girl a Marvel!!

Treated with Means of Nature speaking in open View that gift from a hug to the seat of truth,
bear the Winter of Humanity touch never a Star for that is Impossible as been proven,
even a shoulder is to square this stance has been lost at the cost of Pricing fees.

Shake with the chilly Watch a state in the midst of a Freeze the Fire will burn Flame,
on a better known I embrace the Film of remember the station of all jail bird Tweeters,
a brief to the Short for the cause of deframe pulling a Hell on the Hell of a came,
breath to a shingle the lumber on Scene Up goes Snorri like casting a dreamed.

Book of Universe to the Mathematics I never put to paper for the Arithmetic is real Treasure,
for the equations of revealed are unexplainable by deal for that is the starlight's of symmetry,
as the graphs to the Grids with Numbers at live moving with my Score like I write on this floor!!

Bark at the cheer for the Ruff is a clear that nothing is Every Thing in a Thought look at clear,
on these simple add missions to the revealing of grasp aye thank the better for that is of Mass,
in the sphere of The Multiples the charge to a brake so grand are the Tusks that swing on the fates.

Bells my Mind in subject of the Find as mere to a day and the sleep resting signs,
script it does on Sheets of love for the breadth of Infinity is the pyramid gone lug,
as the gear to mechanics light shaft to the Mirror outer suns display more Moons than I shade,
hands with a purpose as the text to the Reams scrolls on the Role tops boulders are leans.

Sandy beaches with seasides a look at Trust Means is a flavor of Contact that any Man needs,
but to the global denial of life the Wonders of WOW will just live with me nice,
quiet and piece fold a picture of stream Digits on angles that Mathematicians would scream!!

As Easy As Oak