Friday, August 29, 2014

Watt Lake

Aye the hand of held in scene the map of Group to telling route a wrist in Watch the call,
callous minds to application the boil of the curtain stations as show begets the viewing channel,
lost in start know finis ply as the wood of ever bride a Marriage of the phone to tie a Necked.

From core to brass at ball the bounce in numbers that have no creation the License of a Thick,
true Cast to stew the rotten waif is rare to under in the plate a slip to dress the Union bait,
in hook the line of sink a sign the math to subtract is on the shrine a song to ill of sick in Flu.

Passing drink forever blink the desert brand a sands in sleep know sliver can be Toe,
counting digits line by at the Character in sifting lack a Theme to brook in dry Span`d,
the skirt of Compliment has roots that break the not to pick-Up shoes trust Laced.

Operation know dial Fan an Isle of the Creature Land walking stiffs with outward lips,
chap of scene the dried in soup the Carrots stick is in the grew to Ask would lean a Can,
hung Marching fell to crawl side bell the grounds on this are Heavens Hell to Crate.

Boxed with ribbon cross at Feet the practice taken inks Arm tattoo the Plains in Hide a skin,
the buffalo or Elephant a giraffe the long Neck craft paws that scratch Justly cats the Nine,
in tale of the Aeon leaf a solar lesson at the Croup a buttress built to manage saddle of past.

No venue carried on true force the Mug so locked on touch the crew but the Crew as Sleepers loop,
channeled in the Plug of lop the Hair was Waged in bun of gave to grab the cut was Crimson,
mush to Orders that stem from crown be ran a bulletin on each a bore the message now in tooth`d.

Know more as Nature asked the door does the read become the Roar in surf of see the Ocean,
the question track that Video in sacked to burn a brace as crutch the flinch a Twitch to get a dew,
rather latter to a lap in moppy Top the gram of crotch did not say to sever but did not date the Case.

\To demise of left in find a Sea did sick with Polluted feed divided bye the Mammals strong a Speech,
sheeting Glade that Ice brigade to Sky the sun did Moon in stay for at least the Hi baked spoon,
no ladder lead to the Volcanic spake with Fire on an Ice of slate gave Venue to the poof.


Corn Of Copious

On eye of skin I swore a Pen in this the Lege of grit per page in thus a silk whilst Thread,
in baron of a grade the curve granted a Spake to come in the vit I claim to gave a Crew,
vast promotion trial Treed formulation of the Creed to muster of the Yarrow clan Forebear,
trapped brine crate the bisk of great the charge in Challenge grand as Ages languish ran.

Troop portion to the branded palm a chapter sang the Cryer strong bored Sid,
brought upon the deck the long true measure of the Candor Crawn in by lay,
last tee first the threw of string a loop to spool the Yarn in brawn the color of the Hue,
trashed shied bring a Crowded thing jerked knee to land in shellings lean.

Broke not a store the crash began in light the dark spelled only Span a Tup did jag,
tarps of certain sharp thee Note to curvature in blake the Coat it's Tan,
lit from spit the Wrist in clock winding tune the Mechanic can put tick in Talk of glenn,
troops than stood to heavy crude an Oil of the Nectar fan an Absolute to Stake Opt.

Darts that shower of the Tribe in meter trim the seal of an Dye the show Tin Red,
chords that pull the snort of Bull to fumes of Freeze in fire released,
and crust to Aspen the Atlas mapped greed guided to the Trip of Mass,
in explosion the deafening carded Ears much to the rain ink Thunder crashed.

Language fell the between of lines the balance in the Horse of Sign a rider of the Cram,
fish to Product cave to grease the Waller spoke in bricks that Creeked a Dam,
to fold the paper could not be Scroll`d took the Purchase off the Role a Sitter in a Breeze,
blowing fodder screws to Bolt ask`d bang the answer while a Life.

Put pudding strain to drips that Cream a gland of Nature found Stilts of plan,
curfew of a Vile Dan be larged the Quest as open strand to Curt delights,
tastes add flavor twice pour spice the done of Case grew to Flan,
custard once did Feather back by Wheels but on horse of Cack.

Spun to circle stretched the line in Heriot the twist bore the kind in Tail,
not tangles for the from to Pact the information lungs that lat to Shim,
level Shed the Tusk of dread as in the Sphinx the pause can Bland,
to near in same of Rainbow show the Pronounce has color low.

Density in seen of Dew mists that Raise the Vice in New,
chairs to soft are done and leud turned blast then melted Stool,
by Thrash the garbage was refuse burning Cycle like a cruel,
lit by crisis door to Pan the sound of History repeats the Nan.

Flying Changes

Seeded the dirt to Shed the light as the Fertilizer is box ground oft turned in spite of of Curb,
the chained lip not the Chin in lift for Reins that have able moves in the steel there is Angle,
flatten the strap to a do back the girth of punch a hole does not belong for that is A saddle long.

Billets that web cross the tree of hold built to pull on even of the third tug out First Two,
ask Instructor of the Groom the barn rail in Arena is a stirrup lead to the Goods in Branch,
throw a leg to the knee roll than hands down the tighten will in these days identify the Truth Accurate.

Fro in the Club of Pony file that standing Gain was not judged for Certificate now wood,
a puppet Type show cannot bring borrow on the Horse of Completions,
in this simple operation of shortening the stirrup changes too!!

Search a Iron for the ball in the Foot the sweet spot for the comfort at Ankle breakings,
heels to motion posting to spot now the brake state is Watch before in After caught,
Wishbone a terrier in a Series that whelped ask the double Sold for real wrought.

In the Picture of look`A`lot the Cause is Form perfect catch the Hard buck it's more,
the where abouts that bring on the lucky shot is the knowing to ride eyes up,
ground or mount Park is pound that is why the Eventers are wise to wraps in support.

Being trained in the Sport of Kings on a live court is the Preparation for and of 'The Games'
on the Deck has meaning with a Stopwatch that seconds to Minute count for riders in the Field,
regardless of fence the worth of the start Box is the Inform that comes Five Four Three Two One..go!!

On~Course Boot Up

Said A Mint

In languish the Human has laid cost at the burial of the Test of it in life on a coin Tossed,
in the basket of Pew Handlers people take the reach to the altercation of Street,
of thus counted but not Priced a Head-Side of dollar down touch the grounds,
in fervents the bred botch has strong armed the floe forest in a frog mist that Pots.

Scrap the bottom of the scrub in found the taste of Back washed the plank board,
still in the barrel it is the strappings of the band clad that hugs the foremost Can,
lid the shield to trump the Wine than vinegar is the malt of Oil in crate torqued,
branch of Eagle to dovetailed groove the daring Flight to patience play`d the Carp.

Cards in pick Up on the Aisle torn sap drips syrup like a tap to the Core,
although the tree is in a Grove the Maple of itself is grown time Parts,
do to Term of sip-n-sweet the sugar has a beat Niche that amples food,
product born to bring the Corn that patties are formed butter well too.

The green in zucchini is Mash potatoes in Carrots find Tomato plant,
eating for bearings is fruit on the climb or could it be the Thought of time`d,
in Season the State of Being is attraction of the sign in Yielding find,
for in chew the pit is a Take Too.

Row Roe 



Pulley voice of Ages wrap in the tell of laid in blast the earth an ink lean spilled the Lap,
rounds to Ancient on a path the vocals in the Written task did far outweigh the raft,
pour of nature to ripped off station a bible in the mass came before in after blast,
as The Or bait deny with an open Eye the recording of the Source of Fact is back.

True course in and amongst just lend is a Mint on the leaf of trend the Otter end,
forward future to discount pass a copy in the Cat of fast has paused to Consider,
in the Present of the skip a Tick to thirsty blood is thicker how the Rings are Victor,
needles need no Hay stack tree for poke the donkey with a lead the halter holds a bit.

Bite hard upon those ringing thongs as Tuna in the Sea of song has experienced the bong,
far to away the scatter of the seeds for in the Plough of rowed the Craft my good Nest is a text,
filled with not similar but Exact a word to Sentence in the laugh of why the freeze,
down the wine goes to the Case as think the first in drowning placed I wade thee.

Fold the jeans to just below the knee for it is Style of robe that still does pant it long,
loops of stitch to get a which wore belt that walked the board of Enter net to View,
atop the done of better Gum know sand All had Goods to find at least I dropped the Dime,
a Phone now Cell the caller bell as ringers often hurdle spill tongues in las language vice.

So bugs to Flies the zipper bind the buckle or the button-up an either or an Either is pronounced,
the Accent of a archaic tribe that came to go too send the vibe was much more on the Key core`d,
tune that stream with Mountains theme I cannot spring to diving rather stand to lackers,
pant to push the thrust of brush I shave the Razors` edge bye Hello is grout in quarter of the Fosse it.

Checker`d Bars

Pure in the name of the born of a grown Ask the location a Certificate shown,
in revealing full the Icing is Cake that baked in the oven of life on a Lane,
the Avenue street of History in keep knows of the Numbers in the district of Breed,
as North by compass to the beach of Sake in the Pastry conditions it's coffee at lake.

Bridge to the Tunnel no I mean brake for the Garden near Museum had Tea in the fate,
as the Arch of the lend is also a been that seat on the Opera a bench now the spin,
to one Side the walk on the other it's bought with tickets to Entry the roads are a block,
to familiar remodel at Park of the throttle I was taught to learn that Fountains have lock.

Waterfall drive the Cyclone of Scene a switch to Off is the factor of Clean,
the made in the Creek to the flowing of Week from back to the basically Pond,
feather the filters as grates to the lawn the additive simple it's how birds do strong,
to stop at Release or pump of the fill the Water in thirst is recycled at Well.

Down in the up an Engine of smooth the grease to the Wheels of Cable Cars true,
attached at the House of the China Town found that place of Tourists is a Round,
however in The City of hills and the like power to gears that understand all the sights,
for in the Section of moving direction the bell clangs to clear a standing of near.

Wise in the action of aware move a fare from Pier to the downtown arena of stair,
stopping the traction to board the door not really moreover the jump of a shore,
locally ridden the worth of the Job recognizes born with more than a knob,
punch out the ticket a transfer to log the steel of Conductor is the presence of real.

The Handle to middle of the Capped on the rail is a working description of slides,
grab to hold on or pull in the barn no electrics it's the smooth of mechanics in booth,
a moving light house that shifts to the Crowd the schedule still reason the Safety is vow,
pressure the Ferry for up goes the ramp yet in the big difference the Ocean can cope.

Foot Trades

Mount Bread

The Caste of structure that by the Pulley has designed a Pit to trap,
the snap of class at curious cuff does link the burn to Island fun,
in drink the thirst has drunk the Sand not knowing of the grain,
in brew of thought the sync had Lot and hose`d the Trident gear!!

Trains that spot of rails crop the line`d to speak the latter,
borne of creak a ankle cleat mush same in the Exacts,
burrow the Wheel of Tell to the aspect as the Crutch,
a bed of know the lay in law`d not hard it was a bread!!

Now loaves that soft the squat of trade as Yeast,
the rise in found of locked and bound don't bake,
in the heat of ever Chill the cheese is grape`d at Cloth,
wet it with a sift of Whip the knead is known as came.

In such discharge of the Hand at order of the crock,
in working of the log of long so muscle can be Tart,
a pastry in the fluff of sheet so taste the delight,
oh wait that would Admit the time it took to like.

In basis of the Dough in laid a Role to paste in Chef,
roasts that drip with butter whipped are the favorite loud,
spin the Rack to pudding fact a crispy in the Meat,
best of sake to Oven Cake the drippings of the loved.

Dribble sweets to counter read the Menu of the Bird,
in stuffed with crumbs that toast instead a moist in chest of Rib`d,
set degree to apple spice the leftovers of the Priced,
or is it know as in other Worlds the raising of the done.

Chick Lens