Monday, December 2, 2013

The Blind Of Any Year Is 'The Keep' Of A Dungeon Steer

As this year cheers it's end,
an other clocks the count.

The balance enters,
a Calendar mounts.

Life Itself,
an example,
a Way to Route,
the guide while about,
to prepare for the next out!!

As death is... knot a play,
it will come and you'll display,
on either-side you have a Voice,
that will 'Still' any roar!!

Death Court asks,
What are you for?,
a question asked while you are bored.

Few admit,
I don't know!!,
while the sum adds too 'til,
the expressive Being you are,
is so able to hit this Par!!


Moving-on, Forward through,
does it matter or is it grand?,
to know that chores,
a Service or Door,
still retains the lift you are?

Could this 'Might'
I think it's tight,
open venue or threaten light?

Albeit darkness does invite,
it is Belief that's yours tonight,
just as it is in every plight!!

To take away, to jam ideas,
to turn deaf ears,
makes so much clear,
for in an Independent thought or Mind,
one must not judge the wrought of,

As each asked,
consider 'Past'
repetition seems still blast,
'likened' too 'Same Mistake'
as some do change,
it still takes place.

A small move,
a different due,
consider this as you chose!!

The fact of life,
is it's 'Might'
to look for right,
just may enhance your fight.