Saturday, November 5, 2011

For I base myself in Reality, not in the objective of any other realm

The way out of the prison which lies in the future of your own head is unavoidable.
You have read and begun to understand the levity of time.
Do not turn away as if you can pretend that you do not comprehend.
For without the belief or the faith of a broader understanding of life you will end.

Unless you make a difference in your life, it will end with a deadly design.
Loneliness, embarrassment and a void that will never be filled will be your sign.
Look not to the World to fill your Soul, for without one you are lost.
And so many have sold their Souls without remorse,
as if such a contract is a joke on the Internet to be toiled and scoffed at without sense.

Lusting after the taste of destruction of a Human life is despicable.
They're people everywhere enjoying not what sex is but what sex is not.
Photographs of naked beings is only a temptation and frustration of the cruelest kind,
to both men and women unable to deliver any pleasure or satisfaction to one another.

Yet on sights you witness the still photographs of what has only become imaginations.
For it is in these assumptions of unrealistic gains that people rely on fantasy to satisfy their inner cry.
Although sexuality has been banded, as if to sterilize what was enjoyment,
instead you have isolated the one person from another so that the orgasm itself is no more.

Without the company of another shared being, within the sensation of such heights of sexual delight,
you will find emptiness your flight and in this you will know that the plight is lonely and without regard.
By design of nature, creation, natural selection,
we as a people are meant to join together,
not rip each one apart. 
Sensuality brings the highest and most intense mental energy one can experience.

As each chakra is torn from our bodies, our minds or even our souls,
the levity that we as a people should be experiencing as positive pulses,
has turned into negativity and crime of the death of our Souls and our Hearts.
As our veins still pump blood throughout our sorrowful bodies,
the pain which pours from our mouth when we speak is poisonous to the listeners.

Pictures posted of what was once considered to be beautiful or erotic,
has become ordinary and repulsive to the average user of such a destructive tool, the Internet.
Not to mention that children can log-on
and view anything without an adult to guide them through,
the posts from you.

You and I are the ones responsible for the minds that once were innocent and now,
commit suicide for reasons of,
"Why not, there is nothing to live for."

I am not in disagreement with the choices that are made,
for you are free to chose, just as I am free to never have been given the opportunity to do so.
So, you continue to say that you don't care, or to say,"Just get over it,"
and I will continue to inform you of the punishment that you will never miss.

For it is not the laws of these lands that you break with the human traffic that you ignore.
Those Laws are from far below in the Courts of Death itself.
Be ware of nothing more than you are heard,
not in voice,
nor in expression,
but in the silence and comfort of your deceitful minds.

This is where I know them, Demons, Spirits, Satan, the Devil, Beelzebub and the like
enjoy listening to your ill-will but well intended plan to kill without being caught on tape, so to speak.
The strength of death is being stripped of what you believe to be the evidence that frees you here.
In that realm there is no freedom, no lawyer, no District Attorney:
There is You;
And there is more than them to listen,
judge and pass a sentence of permanence upon you and yours.

You have raised not just your blood relatives in such disregard for any life,
you have posted and approved the killing of every life,
from a bird, to a dog, to a rabbit for a ferrets sake?
This is where there is no joke,
nor redemption with any religion to rely upon.

Death is what I speak upon;
For I am well versed in what I know,
my experiences here have been lessons I wish to never face or become familiar with again.
To watch as each and every individual embrace Religion or Christianity with blind faith,
yet scoff at the warnings of the other side being deceitful, dangerous and wanting.
I wash my hands of your stupidity and tell you of only factual history,
which proves my case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Each of us is in possession of mind that is capable of reason,
of understanding, of idea's, original or not.
We can go to the public library and read on the subjects,
or Wars of the past,
to learn that War is not or should not be the answer we seek.

To destroy another country to protect our own beliefs,
is to bring down the destruction upon ourselves,
for there will be no protection from what will naturally happen when men and women,
abandon their posts to fight Wars in foreign lands.

Upon return, with nightmares that wake the dead,
you scoff and put down the very Warrior that fought for the liberty of your head.
For in the countries we have been in late,
a Guillotine is still a common sentence used for the disobedience of the public at large.

So, help me or help me not, the choice is yours and the might is mine.
Make jest of whom I believe to be my Twin Soul,
shall meet the wrath of the one who came, was born and will destroy you for the lack,
of a dream, from a girl that was able to survive a life of turmoil.

All because she believed in a boy and he so happens to be the boy,
grown into a Man that I may announce with such pride.

Had I still possess my Soul,
had my mother not bought it with the blood of her own sacrifice with the Devil himself,
then you would have merely been a Soul Mate.
However, lacking a Soul completely has drawn in yet another need from an unknown girl.
A girl that has lived and survived a life of disbelief.

Yet you mock, you toil, you spew words of hatred because you cannot stand that I do.
The reason or the lack there-of that our meeting will or will not happen is not up to you,
the most unfortunate and ignorant beings that spit upon my name and rail upon his fame.
Our meeting is up to "Chance" itself,
this is why the excitement, the "Limerence" it has been called,
but to me he is only the C.D. Plan, hatched when I had no design or idea of how to heal,
what had been ripped from my very being, my children.

So, in the end it is Death where you will find my glee,
for no one person will escape the greetings waiting for them just a few feet into the beyond.
That is where I know your life will just begin and my pain will begin to end,
for in the judgment of lies, of jealousy of lack of morals or moral standings,
in the inability to take a look at what it is you profess,
these things that you lack will be one of the first things that you confront,
with not Men and certainly not Women,
but with the finality of knowing that Demons walk you too.

The actions therefore belonging to only one man:
Is only the dream of a girl, looking for a boy that sings the same song,
the same lyrics or words are what draws my attention to such a person,
what about YOU?