Saturday, June 7, 2014

Diatribe It's Fact

I chose to speak on account to my Youth,
in such a broadened understanding a born,
the fragment of the years to Five,
I decidely halted the spit in writes.

Consciously aware of the treatment to Light,
the schedule to produce formalized plight,
the See to the different Shows I was Right,
to never place pen to a drawing of sight.

With complete in Value the Measurement is Time,
whilst I have witnessed many in shrines,
that break their ability to study of chimed,
called a Prodigy in an Unexplainable find.

The talents to discern far before the behind,
the patience to interpret the damage from Mankind,
an expressive used experiment upon such a Mind,
my heels dug-in to the passing of shine.

The evident Tale a Story of Grind,
the bitter true held cusp to a spine,
pencil or pen in Pads binders sign,
a strong holding trend brought do not Fen.

As exportations produce the Natural speech Pined,
behaving towards acceptable a Television was prime,
the 15 minute problem to the 30 slot fix,
a great expectation 'til the production did stick.

In general of Life I watched to be dimed,
in shadows of living the thoughts crossed my kind,
as calculations did add the subtraction exacts,
most are just killed or the exhaustive is smack.

In consideration of the gift to the Message of birthed,
the same in the brash has proven the first,
no counter to offer the fact would have brought,
experiments of study in the push to just Lot.

Witness this Aspect to Modern Day Score,
change the Age in appropriate spore,
used up for odds the freak is just played,
the Crowds not just awed but skate upon rod.

Reverse these reasons in Society knods,
in present I'm left in forced of the bet,
looked at as occurrence explainable spet,
banished to flipped kept out of Let.

Grateful I am to the Self in my Plan,
for understanding how awful People were land,
the dirt of the turf was not my family in stand,
the fret came from the Every other person in brand.

Wisdom prevailed the hammer of scanned,
lacking nothing I'd not even be fanned,
the audience appealing to only the strand,
but first you must be identified in Can.

Quits came extreme in early of Seen,
now the listen evolves with exclusioned,
the force of this horror sum 8 years of panned,
expresses that very importance of ......

Leaving that simply unsaid 'cause I want,
to advise to the Reader how the read in such taunts,
to skip from Post to Postings ignoring the Font,
trails the given to the useful are Living.

Challenge these frees to Original be's,
brakes are for Cars as Words Our leads,
singular attentive with spoken in deeds,
the bench to Piano works for Tools like a Tree.

Cleft for the Music in lyrical sheets,
scribble the Note out comes a breathe,
strum an Instrument regardless of need,
the Orchestra must Trust the Managements of Speeds.

Personal priority requires such Neats,
recorded in pockets will bust at the bleeds,
no love will be shown just coinage and combs,
for the Painting Itself is a Muraling in speech.

So Public offends me in every possible Path,
know that this matter has been a dyed Cast,
the dialect of Virtue to the impressions of Ask,
corrects are to spur a venue of past.

Safety Trays

Winning The Sunshine To The Sounds

The scattering of the openly versions of a trade,
the basis of the school in Thought,
a mass in the windy brought,
not an attempt to berk the wrought,
this delivered the growth of furthering Taught.

Advance to the process of the natural development creates,
a brake to state the ever in the feathering dished plates,
a soaping to clean the Mind of the placates,
in the know effort to sit piece to a stave.

Generous gifts be forwarded to lights,
the eyes that stress in the blues of these bets,
the tunneling of the digs will often ease stressed,
the plumb of the Lines in the beastly divines.

Flank the brow to the sweat in width Minds,
mustering spurs to impulsion of Verved,
strides to the growth to ample the Note,
cliques in transcendence as plausibly planned.

Checker the Crab to the Fisher of Groats,
a Wheat of the worth in the Glass of the Curt,
frigid receives make Choice a believe,
while decide evolved to be the deliverance of speed.

Quirk the fetter in a blast of the debtor,
know fence to be built in the Wired of the skilt,
Zoo to the City a Perfection to beholds,
care came with daring to even attempt that bold.

Accomplishments while living the breathing of prowess,
dressed for the skiing of the currence of dismantled,
basing procedure on no planning just go,
it is the simple of the most complex that products this POE.

Hind borks do record the Ask of the Mast,
a Sail to Ventured in the Question of Passed,
birthed with such passion finding the suite,
addressed to a better to Answer the boots.

Treds leaving pressured yet Songs lung the Noosed,
the caller to seek the speakers cry Neats,
a long, long, long time ago the Ten of the Year is just a so,
provides proof the Sites with the Goods of the Neigh.

A Race in the backing stands to the fracking,
a human life drilled for the dimple in asking,
first it will sprinkle to 2nd it tasks upped to the 3rd as Being in Cast.

Dosing Appearance The Mind Is Still Breezing

Knowing that lives are active to the appearance of Hand,
the figures that addition to the subtraction of just can,
lid the rising to trash the plan,
fortune will smile upon the Man whom lands to the Self of Truth.

Developed trains often Caboose the Engine on the Rails of boast,
reasons feat the verbs to nouns Our descriptors to bringing found,
the Pilot to a Show called Life in Doe credits this thanks to the beauty of dance.

Treasure promotes finding the wrotes to formalize why this quest goes toast,
to cheer the Individual carries the calm in a passing song,
the birth of casual to the stance of the captured,
it's in those darlings I see predisposed to the happiest evokes.

Cycling the Maze in this difference to notice,
it is the Stature of the Gaze that alerts the Hello,
a grasp to say hey how are you,
the beer in the drink is the response of the link.

Returning the favor to Ask in the savored blinks of begetting a sync,
plays the cards of eternity to a singular infinity of the circle to the Line,
a numbering kind for the Coffer in sign the gentle relief of a friendly in spine.

Cast out these simple treats amongst the nower in walk away feet,
never to go far for these noticed primes are the rarer in the start,
figure a talent to an unwritten stance,
the courage to Waltz in spite of the Can'ts,
greats came as interuptions pranced to the beat of the All Ready to Dance!!

Trained to be of Service in the Leading of a Society that purposes Blinders in throws,
to separate the people who enjoy the Sun to know the Moon has a Star in it's boom.

Pictured The Lasts

Standing today I met a very kind person in stay,
referred in Conversation to times of my youth,
a Mountain Contain of Bighorn Sheep on the Steeps of Roseburgs Keep.

A sort of Traveler in the World not to different than I,
tough times read upon their face,
a body tired not disgraced,
just Facing this Nation day by Day.

The interesting aspect of meeting any One in Humanity,
the greetings that so many pass - over to or as much work,
I say that there will be moments that Society seeks and reality weeks,
to the minutes that have lost in no notice of the Human Being.

Alive and speaking I always attempt to communicate,
the attraction of such comes from touching the need to see how it's slipping,
the hurry of the World in the pressure of this washing machine,
has put forth such a loss and the language comes to costing.

In abbreviated to non-existent the texting has taken the loft,
a civilized tongue is not being sung in the mass of traditions lost,
language not being taught will destroy the worth of the word itself,
leaving many definitions to interpret happenings in Presence of done.

The brothing of this has teamed the Versing to define rehearsing,
loosing the value of the expression itself,
basing now many defines to a singular calculative,
removing even further ability to the movement of the express.

To absorb such a constant in lack of writing or documenting,
the burb empties to the translation of the most convenient take-overs,
to produce better hands in slamming brands,
be it a new creed to influence the Minds to falling for missing.

Wealth of Thought the Laws of Rote a Verbal tone reduces it to the bones,
raising only in threads of known at rates of shown,
virtual in the global Universe as a Cosmic Comb.

In an odd free speech in the regards to importance,
pushing People to constantly move their physical locale,
by walking the clicks of a prison yards sidewalks,
treading life with no available rest,
proportions these saids to the recognition of the fact,
being walked to Death in the and on the Faces of what is Left. 


Heir Of the Mind Is a Library Kind ~ Engine Checks Mine To Machine

Too All Persons Concerned, The World is the Venue,
a global message that is meant for All Men to have,
what it has been implied that is knot a Value, Tact.

Challenge the Ocean and the Sea has Rose,
look to the Sky and the Clouds have throats,
treat the Environment to no Care and the Environment is erupting,
churn in the Mind of the Envious and Isolation will become you're Lot.

Hardily I go the Game of Life in a Tame,
checking my own balance as the Ride is in itself a Shown,
grow I do in an isolative existence that has been provided and continues to be shoved,
down to the hard Tacks of Truth.

The factor in the factorials prove the path,
stand to fall, fall to crawl, walk to stand, stood it All.

Creation began with a similar Hand,
Cards are the Evolution of the Basics in Pram,
from Rite to Flame with a Bow and Aim,
the Presence begets a Cresting of Same!!

With the thrust of my hand to the Keys of this Land,
it is my stature that will not be remiss in the over Taxing exacts,
these are the profit points to enhance the already happening,
to not be anymore nor any further than the application that it must maintain for the listened.

Translate the Menu to a reflect the Price,
to have endured with patience in a World with no Head,
the Shoulders are the Countries that wish to guillotine the bled, 
where is the Prudence to bring the Commons to stead.

Lacking compares the Past is no Dare,
whether it is a Book or a Movie or the InterNet changes,
the simple must be recognized as the Editors do,
burn books, Censor Movies (Chronicles of Riddick) and Vast you're Mind with Finds.

As passing times for my entire the television is an interesting liar,
love the movies hate the Cuts,
once you have watched in massive too,
to see the best part of a Movie in Keep,
removes the Morals of the story in Plates.

The Matrix explained a Choice of Decide,
but truth be accepted the decision was Hide,
the flush had done happened the trip was the Hell,
for is it the After that you say You're not Well?

Here it's a still theirs is sore knees,
hear is a natural sorting life's pea's,
theirs is the repetitious of eating your freeze,
Hair is an opportunity to know that we bald,
with a Shave or the chance to know it's a Call.