Friday, September 19, 2014

It's A Feel

On the realms of deep Sire the wealth of the Cosmic roars to the sound of the ripple in sands,
time is of an age in the depth of the lands that scenes be Well side to a temperature of the Cry,
in a do understand that comprehending these bye's ample to the Story of the Crane in flight,
the tops to the Universe in the base of design a Calculator speaking on the riddle of root line,
on the grape of the Vineyard that stretches with a yawn thus Creation spoke of similar to dawn.

Lifted with the casual of laking to the Space a trim in the Starlight to the rays on a phase,
the guidance in the Shore to count the deeds per day an Aspen in the lime Stein to bay,
drink the Milk & Honey the sweetest of the plays on entry to the Bar Scene stool the clay,
stepping to the Onward a teach in each a Cray Eon form the Colors of Rainbows that can fade,
the Field of the know How a pleasantry for Tree to bough upon the branch that said it's every sting.

The bumble in the bee Park of Combs that start the lunch a formal Invitation that picnic is a brunch,
infinity goes forward ask Invincible address the format simple 'cause the products in the Pool.

Have the certain Fable a teapot in the Creed forks are in the Map of all Eternity,
trouble never Nothing the finder is the Feed to further conversation as Creation said the fee,
cost of each lived Life the assistance of the string to fly the sake for birth of trade to severing a lay,
marsh of held to loggers felt that soaking in the brine of silk made dye to Cloak the Shield,
in the Armor of the gift to know that moving forth a sift is building a Plateau to lift the buried kit.

Signs that speak with real Feat to seeing as the drive completes is action on the squeal,
hint on Heather in the post of hasp a Float for from the berth to Freedom burst a burial,
in honest of the track to be a systematic steel Ask the blade should the Shade be torque,
in hammer of the Hand on span the Outer Vista to the Grand a double Take in snap the fate,
no relate to compensate for the bar Sol a Mule to differ I'm the same in Sense of the claim.

The doubt of nothing to the Placement taste of not ever begging deal to subject of the Keel,
as in the Ship of lanes to run an Engine on the Oil stun will hum a tune of strain in pitch,
back and forth Up & down the Sea of wonder in the found is difficult at best of sound,
in Idea that World leaps to negative with positive appeal disturbed the point to swerve at joint,
these days that pass to stab the back in the haunch of relative punch is more that I can share in die.

As with my personal Art attached the explain comes with a Ceiling in explore to fact,
in a World that is so big the base of Structure seems to live on beating Ferns to weep,
water on the Falls has always been a stall that shows the River on the bend with more,
on Earth the walk is shocking Flock with damage on the constant jaw of chew,
I am far from being cleared for I am sure that public cheer will prove I've fallen too.

With this as a designation my face is red with hesitation born by means that say unclean,
so for the instant of the Moment I wish to push my Self in growth to be a better Person,
as I would like to be accepted as I accept the Ices in the cube of life I breathe.

In Residence

Roll the tongues as the Copper of a penny in the Walker on World gone drone,
creation say that words are soup to the Minds stuck in a loop,
stretch the Imagine to the thought that a Tweet is open Stalk,
stem the handle with a Talk bring to Central all that lock,
make this station early Call to the I.D. of the Crawl,
know the Net in enter Face place the frown to darkest Case,
bring the Birch to smooth a laced,
tie the Knot of Aeon Base.

Truth be Time in Ages caged in the bind of no Ex-cape,
should the beet be root to Neat identify the Ones to three.

In such plato make a daze Method logic to a Play,
sing a Song of Six to Gray,
eye the ball on took away,
in the Mystic be a Fay,
make Majestic on a Dray.

Loaded with the truer Whip go to Tale of equip,
paddle Orca silent trip, form the Elephant trumpet lit!!

Change to dockers Pier the Sake as the Youth of Cosmic spake,
big bloom bang that blew to lung,
breathe with Aye in Junk to Ton.

Stop the Chaos open Trade for the ever Infinite gave,
opportune these choice in days,
to settle Plots as Plans are Shades.

Pulp the Orange to Apple off,
in the seed plant the crop,
with the careful doodah trait,
put to Never the work of Cross.

Take the panel of display to the Arms of reasons came,
around the Nape and with the Fine,
basket sow to piglets swine,
in the Bacon of the Pork,
no the food is on the Cork,
of the Answer in the Clock,
trust the Value of the Shock!!

Signal barrier Reef on knock,
spell the Fish of Sharks in Crock,
hippopotamus example Dawn as the rush into the Pond,
shallow Fear with better Spock,
beam the Channel with a Stock.

Arctic glacier slides that Sheet, 
teach me for the Polar leap,
shows that Temple on a Keep,
branch the upside to a deep.

Equate the mid in on Earth,
measure Curtain with a girth,
treasure Village as a Perk,
lose no Civilian to this jerk.

Wisdom sing to phones that ring,
dial a number that can Spring,
with each Cell on too the Ream,
touch the Screen with at A.


Be Brokers

Swing those Tongues to table laugh,
take the Joke and add to Math,
total riddle in jet stream dee,
pulley lock upon the steam.

Kettle Barkers to the bean,
put in place a list on deem,
throw the bones to Mustard Kraft,
mayonnaise the Ketchup paste.

Product name to bring the Crane,
fly to Fire of the Cane,
sweet to Bitter keep the Pane,
digs on breeding it's the fain on Atop the good of Lane,
boulevard the breeze way lard.

Poke at breathers till the jar,
stipulates that Read went car,
in the drive of every star,
see mint on the chocolate bar.

Trip to loo the Word of shew,
take that worth and Open grew,
talent Scout to outer stool,
watch the hands on Clocks that Few!!

Trade the Winds to blow the Start,
wish in nothing Nothings spoon,
cod the Oil to liver loose,
organ Tree with swinging Toot.

Make I the joke at every turn,
wheel me to the each a learn,
mind the store of Style chin,
create Elastic in the Pen.

Bounce the Ball to Tape on Que,
like the street of Wall in clue,
break the Harbor with a Cruise,
build the City up with dudes.

Evolution here is Time,
the Pope has done a Marriage climb,
in the decade Moonies lined,
now repeated by the Shrined.

Robes that dangle on the Kind,
know the Verse it is a shine,
light to equal of the Fine,
bless the balance by a Sign.

Raise the Ocean speak a Seal,
signature the real bind,
manage health to bring a chime,
dance the Music with a Climb.

Up to Carters blend a Fill,
tie the hands so that it melds,
process Ever in the Skill,
put the best Feat to a Key.

Ba Row Ca

Wrap this Tale in Story Knox ask this Thread to spin Gold Red,
in the portion of the bred make a bushel under stead,
fire the Lake to swirl Century in Millennial on the Gill,
trunk Bahut open Vein on the Aeon of a Cane,
sugar Beat to rhythm Well pouring Platinum with a Tilt,
fill the Cow with a Skill in the Tie of done done spill.

Trap a Barker for the Theft,
in the back to basic best,
crumb the words to Crowds in learn,
300,000 Over Tongue!!

Spread these Verses posting Till,
bill a Tweet with more & More,
short the sharps to teeth the Nub,
in such pluggings feel the gum.

Sticky sticky product lick,
on the Lips of whom has Sipped,
gulp their Words to gossip Tick,
the pulse of laughter be my stick!!

Gallop lopers Horse in Trick,
wrangle road stirs with a nip,
tighten chord to step the dip,
ladle water with Salt as whip!!

Do in process patient Click,
tick Talk timers with each a Flip,
wast not breath to spill a let,
allow the Oracles to bite the Tit.

Profit certain persons grip,
reins that buckle braid like Tip,
pizza Parlor serve the dough,
round about and back in dough.

Over cleats to Cogs at Bell,
ring a Ling to broke the kill,
debt this Version to a Tell,
seer Seer be that chill.

Coat of Fur aspen Sat,
temple brain stem with a bat,
the Whom of spillers Credit Wic,
candle blowing know a Bic.

Elemental addition stitch,
needle Needle with a hunch,
shoulder Boulders Minds that Sheep,
sleep with Night stare on the Sheet.

Pages paper platter thumb,
fix the pupil on the lung,
stake TarTar the Oil Plumb,
breeze the wind to clock of Pun.

New Count

Sight Under Destruction

Truth in the Scorth ankle leather a torsk,
skate at Aeon from date of the lake,
torn asunder to birth of the take,
bother the Powder than Flour is Corn.

Merry to boxer the Crate in a grove,
orchard an apple the Elephant horn,
ear on a Maple syrup with sap,
tap a Nine and 11th said Chime!!

Dimes on the 5Cent a toss to the Clip,
crowd pour'n to barker no Tongue in the Fates,
sail a barn with Straw on the heat of a Face.

Truck with the base hit than move it all day,
pointed in Watch ask the Curtain for vase,
brush on the paint Tore a lip for a pace,
finger the Swipe with mud in a Graced.

Meeting with Thought, Memory came,
sat with the Part near to Well up the daze,
poke the Shovel and Hoe to a rake,
slow on the Pickle a jar for the Taste.

Salt in the Drunkards that push too a take,
Ion life ask Sink for the Lace,
water that Streams to string on the state,
moss in 'The Kelp' it's see Weed to jake.

Cassettes Eight Tracks Taped

Now liberty to find a match is in the tank like Rum,
a spring of living in the water the soak is now all shun,
towards Onwards mach to speed the back at what is ever central,
story time with not a pine,
the grounds become the desk ting.

A port of lens to send a chute,
fire burns with ice in soap,
no bother it's a towel in copper of the flip,
a coin for either level has a tribe.

One for the dance & Two for the crumb,
three in the list of the front on a Come,
open no door the Ring is a flame,
and as the element I straight it to brow.

For Once there was a Thought to a particular spot,
buttress`d the Say and the World branded lane,
now to the Evidents that puts to a bough,
history does Quarter & pay phones have died.

Mechanics that had a Caller bye blown,
the scent of an ashes a treasure of bones,
no worry to stay the journal is gone,
just like forgotten the dance had a Jog.

The Hi Ate Us

The quick to Fast a dietary Comet,
a platter of the empty must be now Thumb,
as Tom is Nature to a goat the Ram@ set,
too spun in with a Live Life living on a Fun,
no clasp to pass may score be loud,
with long and ever-lasting, 
the Trip to day is that the fail comes with Dates a weighting,
so On this place of no more lace,
the string Wills certain gum,
to stick on those that Speak to vow & Always hold the greating.

Honor thou free to choose the done and brake accounts of Talk,
for with No Name the Nobody says go & Had.

Thee Chow of face that mud in pack my give is in Receive,
a question not for Isles Rack as Sheep are also shocking,
a Lamb for leg the Foot of last a Crib for Horses stop,
make Class to Rum celebrate come and give the take in Ringing.

Discount the fact of Method task an Apple for the Seed,
for at the Core of orange a store the Harp can also play sting,
no worry though from living short,
a trade in Deck is basing,
as Oyster in the Trout Farm,
a lather in the bathing.

Salt & Pepper once a spice,
now everyday on Taping,
no Rose to Thorn no prick of born this Life I have is Daisy,
the link to Net in Fish the Bread a dip on Mix of shed,
ones less step to take a fret Ask worries are the Laying.

In Answer friend the brass of been a Stature of a Shall,
the work has bin & Trash my send for Worth is brought with left`ding.

Nee Pease

Sew as the worth Watch goes North to a plot,
the plow in the stand is a Mustard on shite,
no list that will fast the quick in for got,
use is in tongue-Nailed a X on the Crop,
must in the work ask form in a term,
clause on the Toe there are Numerical.

Date a grass with Mows for the stop,
cutting the out of realms that do thorn,
from in the pass as a map to a grid,
time in a better is spent with a staved,
the steak with real meat a nourishment corn,
the fodder of plates that wash-off as it Eights.

Dust on the Range a storm of a gate,
squash in the Fanta from soda at state,
Tom a Tomato the Brock a leap bate,
no temper with rising the bump whilsts' a shake,
milk Ice Cream with dished,
scoop-on a comb,
put in a teabag the liquid is grown.

Cheers to the System it kills with a break,
from Potter to Tomb stone a Crate in the kit,
body the every that Walks on for bake,
sun dials Thatch roof is the sky of a date,
a toss in the Up chuck for rank in a Fate,
no listen to Ear will garden know tear.

The sudden Impact of realms on a Face,
sat with a swan but the Swan was a take,
stolen ask Ram rod for mystic in lorn,
the rat for a Chicken & plastic for gave,
a Tie died Tepee.

Live Cycle

The World at very large has a dawn Casted the 'Groupers' to seal Clapped,
the breathing of Movement for a Score on the Jump,
a better to Let the Crowd Surfer be the Example of health in how to just leave.

Great Education the climber of Kine,
back to the plow,
harness in song,
glue for the Gift as a spill in the lift,
sky in a Menu,
the Flight of the Trip.

Grands to the youth that watch for a tip,
the best in a sample Our fitters to Pit,
the lumber in stage,
the Hours of Wort,
got to the worm drink-it in Care,
swallow the stipulation that choice is a Sure,
that hands are for slapping & belts are the Stow.

Down to the Hard-Candy that sucks with a pop,
a bulletin for punctuate there is always a Floor.

A Pick for the ticket,
it's judge by the Crop,
beat as the Ask was a Quest on a Sound!!

Tide In Rived

Sight on You're eyes to the Movie in played,
'World War Z' is a brilliant in lead,
down the pad of clast`r to the reel of green,
in a soil that Call of earth in a Theme.

Trait or a big in the plaster of bean,
the pods of a cycle on the bike ride a steam,
to typewriter blocking the verses of bring,
gone to the batter in the Mixture a spline.

Off to the Mountain that sings on a Corn,
breaking the Habit of singing before,
the Vulture that eclipse did make on a Roar,
silence is given with taking a door.

Tripping to stoop on a Porch for the store,
nature in lasting as People are chore,
creation came with loudness of store,
Evolution spoke wheels that rubber band form.

Snap goes the Jack in a box forum gap,
the hour of Minuet to opus the torn,
sleep with the Arson it warms with a clue,
sticks that won't burn will never by glue.

Crusty the part as jam in the Tows,
a Hitchcock for Film in the action of Crow,
teletype a Morse in the Code of Conduit,
eclectics are Logic in a World of threw It.

Chance in Monopoly is the why of a board,
bank on the Paper the plastics are born,
shed with the Flashlight a Tempo of storm,
twist with the Guts to pull back at Perform.

I Am What I Dam

The Cruise to the tent of Chop a click Poke,
gone away just like An Tons a Float,
paddle the engine oh wait its just Blood,
the kind of a Drink that Cocktails sing,
quick with a cut faster to Ring,
now grab a Nap kin and flush with a Blink.

Mechanics that auto drive from garbage,
yet the understanding it's the garden of Sting,
such grasp of the Compost in fertilizer clink,
the text to the Timing I'm growin with Sync.

Above in the side-Both path Ave. new Speak,
kept for the news of my silent in drink,
a porch for confirm,
Nero with Mouse,
the thanks goes to Public for Educating Sign,
for I was unaware of the depth in connect,
how Ever the tea cup states Thanks for the tug.

A fantastic confirm to settle a coast,
the Internet large a grab for-a-tray,
give a bit of Nail and grasp on the Nan,
the taste of Seed goes all ways to Read.

Tuskers Must Turd

The Sourdough Spread The Smallest of Seeds: Called Roe

The right to be for got tend is worse than You'll know,
the appearance in less of years to come will Pop Shop the top at a Trite,
a remainder solve to solution of being,
the gem of a step to stay on the cheer,
the hour of deaf had a Moot shed,
the action was ignoring & Ignorance dead.

Trax to the fear or questions was tribe,
to have said hello I like what is typed,
the a simple to 60's a Learner in clue,
the time for a seal & a kiss Cheek to gear.

Grease in the electric shorts at the storm,
darkness in bombs that dyke in a gone,
the moment of thought to a No-lead-At-all,
bank the think to a Church on Your pout!!

Sake it off to the few whom have stop,
a patience in skilling a purpose on rug,
never the laid will groan to the Twitch,
as in death the Deal is how you Life lived!!

To Read Move All

Today does mark a mile pole,
the lank of life to remove a pier,
a rafter is a laughter clear,
for that is fact the joke is sheer.

A path enlayed on Tile`d posts,
and the blog that speaks to veer,
point time issue desk a stun,
the vest of advice spoke on a gave.

Tread the tire to face of Graeae,
an Eye for Tooth in jaws a Say,
forth be truth the Teeth at chum,
none the matter Factor (B) Seer,
a tongue to language lears.

Spin the plug in with a chill,
World Mold and Colder Kraal,
a Menazon to the close sure ball,
the borrow in a lens blinked.

Eyes lashed spree with real feet,
to walk and not burn a send,
down the while been a file,
now the joke is on a stoke,
the Smoke with pipe in Chew!!

Tongue Gree

I see a Line of little fine for in the straight no-face is mine,
the Vice grip hold to shoulder Row,
is in no division of told the Foe,
different roam leads different roads,
a rise be fore the corn a Coal,
to add Vantage in the View Keel.

To oar a boat,
a craft or sshh Oak,
a limber canoe of knowing knew.

Balance needed to stand the water,
base depth understanding bother,
a scene at a Mall,
the television-on a bring of gone,
shop Ping in the tube.

Exact a thought to last of brought,
two arms are meant to hug not shot,
a thorough fair thats World Nair gun razor at the bullet fact,
so quickly triggers pull-Too-fast ran on the echo Hull.

Seed pea bean came with the pod that grows with in the grasp of dock,
shockers like the Earth quakes rock believes to innocent,
a simple knock.

Issue never with Bean-Pulls hinge,
a Tower to the giant trends,
killing as the stamp of negative increases popular a tension.

Not a ware in my life stair,
as building bye design of strife,
too people world bound,
the darker is a ground,
that bleeds the bloody frowns.


The 'Hi Pot A Nu's' to the like a Wire a telephone on Cell,
a bye or 'Purchase' up to Fact,
the require of History Crass is to have the Ball to bounce a Sat.,
in atop the World, cold to Burl, the Spherical in rounds spur.

A brig that trap of Snap to glee is on the Mastered Craft,
to record a deck-a-moor, the Log must be a Filed.

Trued to spark the ignite of Fire in the flaming Night,
a match to strike thee light of snore,
a branch Ore limb on Tree-Side shim.

Level Play, field Ray, to glance a Dsp Ossetian,
ask the Forum Life.

In blastings of the 'Big Bang' Rudd,
a fisherman to bring the Mud,
a breathe of gill a gain to clug,
thus a drink of Fountain Ink in a Pen-fold skill.

To Techno late on burlap's sake in barter as a lug,
the shifting gear with Zero here,
a spin in Rod of wheel lens,
to see the bright a Peel.

Ask Apple orange from 1st base Home,
'The Who' 'What' 2nd in 'I don't Know' Third has anchor in a Pane,
in/convenience of Arun to pore the Pitcher natural Get/Catch chirr,
a grib.

Too know shore of the Sand-a-Count,
pebbles are the Slip with River Load to still Pond show,
a Flat with skip a gro,
totals Trunk of the lump that Spoon of Sugar vinegar Stump.

A Pie (Ra) Rut Rose

The New

Eye realize the joke is I the Flamers of this type,
thus 'The Funny' is the key to Pick the lock of Read,
a rise to each a Lett ore bore for in Stant on a breeze,
the set to Wic a call.

The hand or Ream a tell Tale Shawl the cloak-Room at a fee,
separate the fed for Com,
thee/Thus microphone for Long.

Trust a beal to shine a Real indeed a blast to Song,
written fact the Track-a-Fast perfects a driven Kong,
chest the boon to trouble loo a bite in Vice`d from Yawn,
to decide a word in Sky satellite to Fawn.

Deer tusk Ant a hill up Kite string is Over-strong,
a real on the cart Inn-Harness laughs to All the tron,
an as to peck a best in debt to Tracers showing dawn,
Mist the handsome with a Cycle the Tenth Part 12th in Tong!!

Force the pattern to enter crossing a Threshold held to pull-up-stair,
a design that Puzzle rhythm a riddle in the Tetris game,
to quick to be a gone,
as least take math in Sol U able;
the liquids Method.

It's A It's A It's A Face

The Junk afloat to Ship the tat for Tail is a broom,
the rake a Raft tore for great the breeze upon a storm,
to Troop a march in Month of say,
a day in grown a phone,
the Number call remember crawl,
spiders love the Net.

Phish on bowl a list of know must anxious Me a while,
to remind the clique at hand life is but a File,
to Tag the tab and product post a Nail in the Screw,
bolt your Nut to washers Locked atop the bench of gave.

The path on road a fire-go the list that people lay,
to Whom the tongue does split a Cause,
your Lest the Visa Card,
a shuffle-spin to towards the Mend you hem the skirt with built,
an Interest to the rub-in shirt a Mop of All in shine.

To Forward groan on Society corn your heal is a Gore,
the Horns you play point to there,
a crumple throw Away,
this plate of mold for phew the Crow has spoke be Fore on-time,
a Caste of what is anchored but with a-tie to grab.

As gender says on Each-a-Day the memory so gone,
yet for the mention of read Mind a blister on the backs,
the or those that Pre dispose a garbage or Thee goat,
fence no-Wall the City fall thug gates at Lock`d a maul,
a deck of porch for open-Call made easy with a Print,
to hit Ex-Acts with sure to fact,
this Blog of red to Flow!!

Horse Hare Threads

Direction on the last particular tree,
a route of Crew in Mast birds Nest,
the glass of flooring a paper House,
sand in grass the lawn a mow.

Tread with clogs a would in shoe,
slip to face the mud on grouse,
fly to duck the Goose Swan laid,
on the Golden Egg of Barn.

Stable made to Stalls that door,
the Horse or Mule a Pony Club,
ride for grade the steeps of judge,
certificate Register the Signature lug.

A line to cancel the question scrub,
sponge Sea bath the salts of tub,
swim in ocean walk the bay,
reef on Rock the Live Road Show day.