Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Satellite Communication

The fright of horror is the door that you see opening again,
in that you cannot say much of anything,
the stun, 
the shock of what has happened is just repeating itself like a trend.


Do you feel the pain when I speak,
are the Posts just a read?

Are you able to know of horror and say nothing?

Time after time I have spoken in signs,
the questions are poised and I am making some noise,
I live everyday in hope that I'll say.

Do you ever stop to ask yourself,
maybe I should do something,
like hold out a hand that won't hit back,
show a face that has a smile without a motive that's black?

Does what I say just fall to die?

These words I pour, the fear, the horror, the dreams, even the positive theme's, I am laughed at no matter the door.

I was born, I am a Human Being, I am Alive, I am not an It, I am not a Thing, I am Life and I am hurting.

Will this make you happy? Will this bring you joy?  Will this make you laugh? Will this be that much more than the evening read or the morning chore?