Sunday, March 8, 2015

Poets Entry

With each ink lean the product of the Apple to the sorting of the distribution of grocery produce,
a large discrepancy in this Country has bin Caused the research to the quick Fast of scene,
as the Ocean is filled with an Island of mass so is the process that developed the waist,
to clothes of the chore to the detergent in sludge an apron for counter to the register lid!!

Count to the Mars Mission of the monies on skid a while the People both starve and refit,
to closets that shelf a sock in the Dryer as does the factor to Face the demise`d,
Cat Food at center to the lines of the Fog making the mix a matters of lime,
squeeze in the Mold that the dry said to Stand pork is from Bacon or is it from Shive`d!!

The slaughter Houses that Market stun Walls as the Cleaning of scrubbing constant is charged,
that New Vapor rapid to the texted of shunned Make to the Diet as that all Ways lungs,
midst the denial the Home in the tile of the grout is a system that Operates sigh Ole,
to break of the Glass than Plastic gross Melt are the per Piece works in the garbage`d of Miles!!

Tracks that Willingly rail the signed down with the Forts to increase the stream dialed,
to the big station comb that stint touch the Films as lights are the shoulders so is the Gum!!

Heave to the smoke Signals on backed than Ask of the Quest is the rock its Read funned,
does the Slide tell the barter to Playland for burns from the Sack of the slip to the Nylons of lived,
C.D.'s don't Scratch neither do they Play at least the Vinyl skipped to a speed,
45 lpm to the faster of Turns that was the special to the dipth of the grooves,
speaking or stranding the Won to the Sim batteries Compliance Now brains have a glue`d.

Know walk to the Acoustic to Stereo Shack radio on the Antennae of grab,
throw to the Dogs or the kittens in fact,
learned from Connection to bytes on the Slack,
Webs are formation of Spiders that catch All in the Net it is found or get Let,
towards the Brand Name Departments that in Hope still do Clean,
more to the Fast is the Furious of Sheen.

No Wonder to grasping the flatuoes green to disk on a Particular provisions to deem,
that chaplet of billet to Tree in the See a Saddle made Breast Collars attach for the could,
in the drop Nose Band a Flash figure Eight a Bit on the Snaffle or the double Snaps never,
for that is the Goods of the buckle Parade to leg Up the hitch to the Carriage of Laid!!

Why Do We Roach Main

I look to Understand that the Tail of the Horse is the banging of the comfort of the extra length,
as I go Tell the Mattresses of this Now country of Bedding that fiber fraud is synthetic to ear,
the Wind beneath the Breathe to the swish of the Sail on this the cover for the Natural better,
a Horse on the stand of the Pasture or the Stall, working the growth for the Flies of the Cawl,
a simple performance as the Use of the braid not in the left for Beauty is of say; The Brush!!

Sleep waking Pain in the bones of the sat a Pillow for the down and A feather for the Hat,
Mane is the Crest of the Hold to the Case, saddle with the barn and Pull for the thorn,
to bearings of the fact that This Country Worldwide has filled the Residence with suffocating lied,
Horse Hair to seat the place Of what the Fern did bed by the Creek of Wisdom is only on the Shed,
now in This Country the count of each a Thread, People complain of the filling Hence the seed!!

Walls that are Plaster to the Straw for stuffing Warmth is made from the Ancient persons Tunk,
tons of the Stables to the Automobile climb what is in the Padding but lungs that cycle sign.

To not exactly Recycling rather the Use to Put a mind task the Brain with least for the sleepers Peace,
chemical Casting to the fires in the Home spraying Couch's for the sung dumbing down the run,
in the sort of Hear an ear that plots the best of Gum investigating Not to much Remembering the spun.

On Spinning Wheels golden Strings a change for the Sea As waist has a Ankle so doe the knee to Pray,
shall the chapel of the Learn beget a Foot today, than why's are the Answer to the Quest of Ice in sheep,
as Clothes are Worn and Made from Things to silk Upon the Trades than Why is not the Tail of the Horse in the Fates,
not the After dead for Slaughter House but rather the believe of House that grows to each a Fleet,
not only can the Horse be Shown the Work is best of Key!!

To the pulling of the Mane or the docked of Tail, now don't you Jump from what a Pump oh Peta go to sump,
I speak of the Trim not the Cruelty of Letters for in the Composition the Equals are a Header,
the Cow Palace was a Dome to Show the Cattle Guard,
a pig for Pork the Chicken wing a Four H Mountain of the Creed to bring the less to More's,
as any time Offense is In to Out the all About a Hem it will remain to be the Wise to counter spin,
so much Word to every Heard yet loosing All while steaming Ball the foundation of a King.

Mon. Arch this Tues. day Shark for Wed. is a Camel nark, Thurs. comes touch Fri. grunge Ask Sat. cartoon,
Sun. daze rest with Church and Fess the british type of Weird Moo,
as stools of Pew the Skunk of snooze that is the Pub of I love You`s!!

Grid Work

The cycle of the Training is in the Back of Mind to be the verse upon the Clock,
to handle Check the applicate is to Understand that it is in the Expression of the Wander,
to believe that not all are Box in Create to Nail on the stake to part the bit of Rein,
direction of the Grid to be a Graph of Comprehending Sea is taught by the birth,
in this the Material for Discipline with Patience in the body Rock is knowing of the Vent.

A volcanic Blunt with Name by Knows is the stud to Open prose with plenty on the goose,
chills of tribe the clamp in side of stitches to the Laughter sign does enhance the Means,
from the chortle of the Bird to the Task of braid a Curb to answer with the banister,
that long waltz Still to halting froze to question Nothing on the prose for in the Print its picture`d.

To grace the Fold as the learn is often paper with a Form in this the ride is central,
that balance of the bring is with the anchor on the ship a Wrist in tempt the krill At fish,
today so many People prey without the sender to much touch say that walking of the line,
via terra Firm the Stand that statement No to angle land with thanks but this is often dam,
that Loc of ruff get the lust and be familiar with the frost for as the Once at a pall Oh!!

This vernacular on the Krk is a dance to spring the Fest. with more than Just it is the best,
to open Closed that is my call to not believe with anxious rawl the spurs have singing streak,
lights on digit to thimble thought a drip of Character to mention Feat is to respect the fog,
to role of Any whom would start to compare or spread the snare A Trap is also sewn,
snap goes the box of Jack the bit tube in U is Y on A that Renaissance of In awe Cent.

Penny why's is greater Stout to paddle all the Outs about with standing dues that Me,
youth to being the growth in Seeing that life is much of the More to comfort for the pour,
journey with the drive to Store each of the stations Roar on radio antennae sort,
songs of Choir to speaking Door tasking ankles with a core yet on the sanction its a chore`d,
more Over like thereforth the bite inch a Mile spoke of hub for in the Construct it is A grub,
that is the I that most have sigh to knowledge of the always nigh and Never on the slough.

River caption with a Creek tributary forth the Fills a Waterfall effect,
birds at flight with Crock on Night a Hippo^pot^a^Must be knock is my sync On Life,
that alright to the kite is the string of saying James it would have been Oh so nice its just not mint to Bee,
that is the oath of deep Inside to reality with a Tide that drowns the sand with Filterings,
these Coals that ember to the Ring on the great its been such Rum a pirate is not I,
to think that the World waist`d Use for broken Scat I know the Truth is of What I Sea,
the bay browns latch that hooked the Catch to not expect but rather be of Candor for the Cream,
this Spinach can of Ancient tan a corker for the bottle Ram as the Horn is of Vend keen`gd.