Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The shadow of the echoing,
a sonic boom imposed,
the curt did bring the sentence,
the blog delivered prose.

Expression of the word between,
the stanza hid the loes,
with honesty intact of said,
the wind began to show.

With what is left unsaid to stand,
to be the right in correcting hand,
the dealing of a life in can,
aspect brought facts to Man.

Belief in workings processed plans,
viable interest grew too ran,
reading implied the coup in banned,
as if the view is a Tram.

Constructed verse a natural scan,
the thoughts are writes with Mind to land,
the scenes of Life that all entice,
that time is the essence of the Might!!

Strength to talk evolving brought,
hope has been a falling rock,
the cuts of which delivered stood,
in all the grandeur of the could.