Tuesday, June 12, 2012

James BLUNT / SINIK : Je réalise LIVE

Sinik feat James Blunt -- Je réalise

Sinik - I Realize Lyrics

Featuring: James Blunt

[Verse 1: Sinik]

I realized that the years goes by quickly is worrying
I realize that seven years will Kelissa 20 September

Every day men self-destruct with an ax
And to escape the stronger cross the seas to swim
I saw the difference between Beauty and the Beast

Here the war potato but the trouble is peace in the street,
you know the benefit men offenses in ten years,
 the kilo cam will be the price of a kilo of apples

I realized later that regrets penalize me
And it hurts when I realize that so few dreams come true
That I not advance that their justice is slowing

That France is not so beautiful,
 my history teacher lied

That in life make peace is not profitable
I realized that making peace is the nightmare of arms dealer

I realize the night chases in city
​​But never fear because death is only the continuation of life


And I'll take everything
 I would take everything to take the joys and tears
(Mmm, mmm, mmm)
In this life
In this life I'll join everyone
When I die

[Verse 2: James Blunt]

Ooh, thesis feet carry me far
Oh, my body,
oh so tired
Mouth is dry
Hardly speak
Holy Spirit rise in me
Here I swear
Forever is just a minute to me


 [Verse 3: Sinik]

 I realized what was not,
where did evil in our ZUPs

What cars that caught fire did not fit into your urns
What everyday friends die dungeon
How certain are desperate to get a hot meal

I realized that the human being does nothing other than bleed
What in life is to hurt is easier than love
What the neighbors is not "The Girls next"
What in the land of human rights of families living in hotels

Understand the weight of words,
sometimes life fucks cockroach
Thieves are pinching but rapists BAFA that in life
I have always felt this gene
How I serious trouble saying I love you to those that I love


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Courtesy of;

I Hear What Is Said. I Know I'm Not Dead. The Pain! The Agony! Reminding Me Of My Destiny

I dream of days without memory,
with the warmth of no enemy.
Where time marks my inner me,
and relieves me of all I see from thee.

Answering in perfection;
Pass the Key to Eternity.
The way that makes a life to be,
I am at the end of learning: READ!

Onward, forward, goes my march.
Until such time I'm off or in charge.
And, fall I do, so very often, I knew.
It is what happens when your due.

Inasmuch as I can know.
It is to much, and, it starts to show.
"EVIL" shout behind my back,
to anyone that will listen to that.

I begin to become, broken-up some.
Dis-heartened to say the least,
I guess that without a soul,
I must stick out and look not whole.

Only a Girl, when it was sold.
A lifetime spent with this very big hole.
Obvious and often void
of emotion, I'm not a toy.

Gossip of such terrible things,
rumors become whats happening.
I go a way, on my own,
it is to say; A personal zone.

Leave be what is, 
I do not fit
into Society's ordered writ.

I am aware, I was called, "It."
The Spawn of Satan,
they did insist.

Each day, each moment,
I would not kneel.
they beat me to teach me.

"I will not repeal."

Should I be the Beast you see.
And my number matches me.
Then 666 will be surreal
and I offer you no deal. 

Looking towards the one to seal,
all of this inside of REAL.

I dream of days without memory,
with warmth to know no enemy.
The love will come from with-inside of me,
then you'll know I'm deep in need.

Without such things, I'm public foe.

Formalities For The Sake Of..........Proper Manners: The British Public School Rule

To imagine change is to know "Truth."
In  the clarity of what this is,
I ponder my life.

To look into the future, of ones most recent past;

"Is a Riddle!"

I guess, it would be better explained,
by saying,

"This is a way, to change my own "Stars."

Love is bound,
by each and every single person whom has tied
a loop around a frown,
all so that a smile, cannot come 'round.

Another Hero Dies,
not "I."

To reprehend, "Know" sin.
I have noticed that it is a way to know where you have been.

The silence of another human being,
the guilt of their just seeing and not saying:
Shows on their every cell,
jailing what is not so well.

Aging, is by no mistake, "A tell."

Deeper into what I know will be,
I dismiss myself with personal glee.

To discount the notion of;
An Idea, A Theory, or Actual find,
is not just ignorance
but, proves you are "BLIND."

No inquiry?  No Quest?
The, "I know best!"
A type of person, who is a fool.

I ready for what you'll do.

But, it is said,
"Fools Rush In."

I guess, it's much like a Sin.

Never assume.
Do not practice what you cannot preach.

Advice to what I see,
"A leach,"
it is not Me.

For, neither, Experience, Education,
nor, "What you have heard,"
could balance such Ill-Report.

You are a bump.

Friendship should be so much more!!

That dismissal of such a thing,
should not include, 
ignoring or pretending not to be.

Shoving, taking, turning from.
It is as if you believe I am dumb.

To be graceful, to not be the same.
Knowing that I have been trained.

I'm not perfect,
I do hold my own reframe. 

Anger, enhances, my every day!!

Saying Farewell, amongst such pain,
is done instead of turning from:

This I do, for I due know,
better than, to just not show. 

"What to do?"

I face the one, who has no class,
manners forgotten or never last.
Apologize and set a banner.

Done, "Eye to Eye,"
it keeps it dry.
The British way!

I often sigh.

Teaches difference, shows the truth.
And last, but not least, will state your feat;

I don't lie!! 


Just 'cause.