Friday, April 19, 2013

Left Empty

In Memory we hold 'A Keep'
in this we may find our home,
that which can make us whole!!

Encounters with this find,
a bank of accounts,
sometimes, often,
unkind in rewind,
a necessary time,
a refreshing when told.

A Basis, A Platform,
to make sound a life on a Merry-Go-'Round.

The story told,
releases hold,
the Truth spoken,
creates healing for broken.

Future view of more than lose,
relieves the pressure of just dues.

Reason in Challenges,
produces change in you,
clearing my plate in spite of fate,
issues destiny to take place,
without resistance,
a savory taste.

Purpose of Such,
deemed necessary to further growth,
wealth of mind,
Important, Sublime!!

Words state,
enhance your pace,
and at this rate,
eradicate hate.

For should you stand,
play your hand,
then look to see the deal of planned.

In those cards,
the ones you hold,
wisdom prevails if you're bold.

So I gambled,
and did not fold,
in spite of what had been sold;
my soul.

Still today, 
quite the load,
and now I'm told,

"It can't be so."

but it was,
and I felt cold.